[Anime Music Spotlight]: Fate/Zero – Oath Sign

This week’s Music Spotlight is the first Opening Song for the amazing Fate/Zero anime. It’s one that i’ve listened to over and over again, so I hope you enjoy it too!

[Edit]: Wow! Someone really doesn’t want the Fate/Zero version of this to be watched! The original video was taken down so i’ve done some searching and found 3 alternatives.

First up: Here’s a version of the song with Fate/Zero visuals. Given the different audio it could be a live recording or a different singer, but it’s still pretty good and does the series justice.

Second: The actual song that I wanted to post. This is the official music video and probably the reason why other videos are being taken down left, right and center.

Third: An english version of the song I came across that’s actually really good. I would pay money for a full version of this.

I haven’t decided whether to treat Fate/Zero and Fate/Stay Night separately for these spotlights. Do you guys want some epic Fate/Stay Night music as well?

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