[Anime Music Spotlight]: Fate/Stay Night – Tomorrow With You

Here’s the second lot of Fate series music. Tomorrow With You was the ED music for just one of Fate/Stay Night’s episodes, so it’s very special!

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5 Responses to [Anime Music Spotlight]: Fate/Stay Night – Tomorrow With You

  1. Annalyn says:

    It’s been a while since I watched Fate/Stay Night. I didn’t think much of the music when I watched it, but this song is lovely. I guess if it only appeared once, I might not have noticed it. Especially since, in the past, I didn’t have the patience to pay attention to slower music (except classical – I’ve always loved classical).

  2. Silvachief says:

    I’m a fan of most types of music, though they do each have their own place. Since I started listening to Japanese music i’ve been actively watching all of the OPs and EDs of series I watch to see if the songs are worth getting.
    I didn’t actually think the Fate/Stay Night anime was all that great (having played the Visual Novel first), but it’s being remade by the same studio that did Fate/Zero, so i’m pretty excited about that.

    • Annalyn says:

      There are a couple of OPs and EDs that have stuck out to me, but I don’t usually pay close attention unless I’m doing a complete review, which I haven’t done in a couple years. Actually, Fate/Stay Night was one of the few anime I did review, back when I was on Anime-Planet more… I wasn’t a huge fan of Fate/Stay Night, either, and I didn’t play the VN, so it’s not like I had my hopes up because of the game. But I enjoyed it. Thankfully, I watched it near the beginning of my snob stage, before I was too terribly spoiled by awesome anime (I’ve faced and begun fighting signs of anime snobbiness in myself now). I didn’t watch Fate/Zero, but I didn’t realize that a different studio made it. Maybe I should try it out after all.

      • Silvachief says:

        If I gave Fate/Stay Night a 7, Fate/Zero would get a 9 or 9.5. It was really amazing (and the OPs and EDs were good too XD).
        I’ll be putting up a review of both the VN and the Anime for Fate/Stay Night later on, so you can see what I thought the differences were then 😉

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