[Anime Music Spotlight]: Soul Eater – Song of Roaring Dreams

Soul Eater had some great OP and ED sequences (and some terrible ones, admittedly), but this one’s my favorite both in visuals and sound. Soul Eater is the first Spotlight Anime that i’ve actually already reviewed; you can check it out here!

First up, the original ED:

And the full song:


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4 Responses to [Anime Music Spotlight]: Soul Eater – Song of Roaring Dreams

  1. hhMobius says:

    Whatever are you talking about? All of them were awesome! Especially Stance Punks’ “I Wanna Be.” Actually, I’m not so sure about the new OPs/EDs from the re-airing. Not as distinctive or stylish I guess.

    Have you kept up with the manga? It just ended this week, you know.

    • Silvachief says:

      I have to admit that most of them were good, though there were a few I wasn’t too fond of. “I wanna be” was unfortunately one of the ones I didn’t get into, as well as one of the later openings that sounded pretty good but had a lot of cringeworthy engrish.

      I’m pretty new when it comes to manga really, having only finished two series. I’d heard that the manga had finished and my flatmate has started collecting them, so hopefully i’ll be able to read them at some point ^_^

  2. hhMobius says:

    Haha, I was testing you a bit there. I’d suspected “I Wanna Be” might be one of the ones you didn’t enjoy as much, as I had the same reaction to it at first. The hoarse screaming vocals and brash simplistic accompaniment also turned me off at first. But with repeated listenings, plus a peek at the lyrics and music video , I grew to be fond of the unbridled spirit and enthusiasm they carry in the song, unrivaled by the rest of the EDs and even most music I’ve ever listened to. I thought punk rock was always about being angry at something, but Stance Punks knocks that stereotype right over. I think it made a very fitting comeback in the final episode.

    Have you heard of the ongoing Anime Music Tournament? It’s a great chance to discuss and discover great anime songs (and the anime they’re from). Matches are still in the first round. Highly recommended, so don’t miss out!

    Also, Black☆Star is an awesome character. (Given, other people’s general opinion on him, I may be testing you again ^_^)

    • Silvachief says:

      It’s interesting really how you can warm up to songs you disliked at first with repeated viewings, it’s actually a pretty regular occurrence for me since anime OPs and EDs pop up over and over again. In the end though I think “I Wanna Be” just isn’t my type of music.

      I’ve seen mention of the tournament here and there but haven’t contributed myself, mostly because I haven’t seen the majority of the anime involved and also because I don’t trust myself to decide which is better with just one listen.

      If you’ve read my Soul Eater review you’ll know that Black☆Star was probably my least favorite character of the series (though admittedly i’ve exaggerated my opinion in the review) XD I’m not sure whether that fails or passes your test, but his obnoxiousness just rubbed me the wrong way. Though i’m able to admire his determination and even loyalty, I can’t get past his base personality to actually like him.

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