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[Video Game Review]: Fate/Extra

Developers – Type-Moon and Image Epoch Publisher – Marvelous Entertainment (JP), Aksys Games (NA), Ghostlight (EU) Platforms – PSP [Quick Note: This review assumes you have a working knowledge of the Fate/Stay Night universe. I wouldn’t recommend this game to … Continue reading

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Weekly Ramblings 12 – Key Special (Kanon, Planetarian, Little Busters!, Clannad)

Hey folks. I’ll be having exams coming up in about a month, so I want to give an early warning that my Weekly Ramblings may be put on hold in the near future. Unfortunately study comes first. However, i’ll try … Continue reading

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[VN Music Spotlight]: Kazoku Keikaku (Family Project) – Philosophy

Kazoku Keikaku (A.K.A. Family Project) is actually the latest Visual Novel i’ve finished. Without giving away too much of the upcoming review, the ending song was probably one of my favorite parts of the experience.

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[Anime Mini Review]: Fate/Stay Night (+Unlimited Blade Works Movie)

[Quick Note: While this is a Mini Review written from the perspective of someone who has already played the Visual Novel, I have made sure to take into account the views of those who haven’t. In short, this review is still … Continue reading

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Weekly Ramblings 11 – Summer Wars and Dubs Vs. Subs

Last week we had the OVERDRIVE special, so I guess this would have to be the Anime special! I’m going to start off with Summer Wars, an anime movie that I really enjoyed, before tackling one of the major issues … Continue reading

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[Anime Music Spotlight]: Angel Beats! (Girls Dead Monster) – Crow Song

Angel Beats! is a great anime. There’ll be more on that in the future, but what i’m here to talk to you about now is the band it features. Girls Dead Monster is a rock band consisting of 4 girls. … Continue reading

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[Visual Novel Review]: Fate/Stay Night

Rating – R18 Developer – Type-Moon Translator – Mirror Moon and Insani Length – 50+ Hours Version Played – Voice Patch (adds voices), Realta Nua Patch 4.2 (adds CGs and BGM)  If you’ve read my Sharin no Kuni review you might … Continue reading

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