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[Anime Mini Review]: Fate/Stay Night (+Unlimited Blade Works Movie)

[Quick Note: While this is a Mini Review written from the perspective of someone who has already played the Visual Novel, I have made sure to take into account the views of those who haven’t. In short, this review is still … Continue reading

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Weekly Ramblings 11 – Summer Wars and Dubs Vs. Subs

Last week we had the OVERDRIVE special, so I guess this would have to be the Anime special! I’m going to start off with Summer Wars, an anime movie that I really enjoyed, before tackling one of the major issues … Continue reading

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[Anime Music Spotlight]: Angel Beats! (Girls Dead Monster) – Crow Song

Angel Beats! is a great anime. There’ll be more on that in the future, but what i’m here to talk to you about now is the band it features. Girls Dead Monster is a rock band consisting of 4 girls. … Continue reading

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[Visual Novel Review]: Fate/Stay Night

Rating – R18 Developer – Type-Moon Translator – Mirror Moon and Insani Length – 50+ Hours Version Played – Voice Patch (adds voices), Realta Nua Patch 4.2 (adds CGs and BGM)  If you’ve read my Sharin no Kuni review you might … Continue reading

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