[VN Music Spotlight]: Little Busters! – Alicemagic

Alicemagic was one of the ending songs for the amazing Little Busters! visual novel (which still has a translation for its expansion in the works). Oddly enough, most of the youtube videos I found of it were different from the MP3 file I know and love so i’ve been forced to link a video of the full anime ED (which is a lot more in line with what i’ve been listening to).

Just for completeness’ sake, here’s a link to the other version I kept running into that is apparently from the official LB! soundtrack. To me the vocals sound a lot weaker; what do you guys think?


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4 Responses to [VN Music Spotlight]: Little Busters! – Alicemagic

  1. 123 says:

    I agree, sounds to me like she’s putting on a bit of a cutesy voice on the OST version, and that type of singing almost inevitably leads to poorer vocal quality.

  2. hhMobius says:

    Well, if you’ve already played it, all it takes is a quick check within the game itself, right?

    Yup, the track in the 2nd video is indeed the one from the game. The one in the first video is the TV version rearrange, like it says. Though it may be possible that a few episodes used the original track, according to MAL.
    I’m fine with both versions of Alicemagic, but I far prefer the original Little Busters! track over the TV version.

    • Silvachief says:

      Wow, i’m surprised to hear that since I obtained my version of the MP3 quite a while before the Little Busters! anime was released.
      I can’t help but wonder if my preference is just due to the TV version being the one i’ve listened to most, making it seem to me like the original recording is slightly off.

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