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[Video Game Music Spotlight]: Nier – Song of the Ancients

This week we have our first background music song. Nier has some really amazing vocal tracks included in its BGM and Song of the Ancients is one of them; it’s sung in a completely fictional language! Nier’s soundtrack is so … Continue reading

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[Visual Novel Review]: Hoshizora no Memoria -Wish Upon a Shooting Star-

Rating – R18 Developer – Favorite Translator – Staircase Subs Length – 30-50 Hours  Hoshizora no Memoria is good; great, even. With no overt faults, some genuinely likeable characters and amazing artwork, I hereby declare it a must-play for fans … Continue reading

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The Unfortunate Weight of Responsibility

Hi everyone. I mentioned a few weeks ago that I may need to cut down on my posting as I come into exams. Unfortunately that time has come. Sunday review posts and Wednesday music spotlights will continue as normal, though … Continue reading

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[VN Music Spotlight]: Deardrops – Noisy Sweet Home

What? Deardrops again? Trust me when I say there’s a method to my madness. There’s a specific order I want to go through my music, so we’re going to be getting some series repeats, although the songs themselves will be … Continue reading

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