Awesome Blog Content Award – More Random Stuff About Me

Two awards in as many months? How sweet is that! This time around The Geek Clinic has been nominated for the Awesome Blog Content Award by four different blogs (and i’m very grateful!).

Awesome Blog Content Logo

If you want to check out some other awesome blogs (read: the ones that nominated me), then be sure to visit Sleeping Geeks (specifically Desperado316), Moar Powah (specifically Judge), The G-Empire and Moonlitasteria! If i’ve missed someone out then please let me know!

Since Desperado was the first to nominate me, i’ll steal the rules from him:

1. Download the award logo and add it to your acceptance post.

2. Nominate a few fellow bloggers and share the award. Doesn’t matter how many; it can be 2 or 10.

3. Since the award is ABC, take each letter of the alphabet and use it to tell something about yourself.

As much as I would like to nominate some other blogs for this, I just sent out a set of nominations for an award last month so I want to give people some time to recover. That said, anyone reading this can consider themselves a participant if they wish! Share your answers here or on your own blog and let me know once you’ve done it!

And here we go:

Australia is a country that I lived in for 2 years. Queensland, specifically.

Boxes, and lots of them, are what I have just finished unpacking for my new flat.

Chocolate, dark, is one of my favorite foods. It’s totally good for you, right?

Doctor, is what i’m training to be when I grow up all big and strong. I’m currently 3 years in and have 3 to go.

Geek Clinic Mascot

Eien no Aselia was the first Visual Novel I ever played, before I even knew they existed.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is my favorite anime series.

fullmetal alchemist brotherhood

Gaming is something i’ve enjoyed ever since I was very small. I play pretty much anything that isn’t sports-related and i’d find it very hard to pinpoint a favorite game.

.Hack//SIGN was the first anime I ever watched and it is still one of my favorites.


I think, therefore I am.

Japanese is the language i’m trying to teach myself. I’m doing it so I can read unsubbed visual novels to broaden my horizons.

King Arturia (A.K.A. Saber) is one of my favorite anime/visual novel characters. She’s totally Best Girl, no matter what anyone else may say.

Fate Stay Night Saber

Librarian, is my job when i’m not studying. It’s actually pretty enjoyable!

Muv-Luv Alternative is my favorite visual novel.

Muv-Luv Alternative Wallpaper

New Zealand is my home country and where I currently live. After having visited a large number of countries over the years I can confidently say NZ is where I want to be. If anyone plans on paying us a visit, be sure to let me know!

Over the course of my time on this Earth I have read many books, and my favorites are written by Jim Butcher (yes, maybe this is cheating, but at this point I don’t care).

Pizza is probably my favorite food, just to be boring. I mean, come on, you can have whatever you want on it.


Questing is something I enjoy doing in my favorite genre of game, the RPG.

Red is my favorite color. It makes everything go faster, which is why all Ferraris are red – no exceptions.

Switzerland is another country I lived in for 2 years. Being able to drive to other countries for a weekend away whenever you feel like it is pretty darned cool.

Twenty-One is how old I turned last year.

University of Otago is where I study. It’s pretty nice.

University of otago

Vegas is my favorite holiday destination. I don’t drink or gamble but the atmosphere is perfect for relaxing and having fun.

Wacky Fun Factory is the name of the gumball machine franchise my father operated during the 2 years I lived in Australia.


Xanthine is a chemical in the body created by breakdown of purines. It is metabolized to Uric Acid, which can cause Gout (this is what you get when you make me find a word for X…).

Y is the letter Js are pronounced like in some languages. We had a waiter named Jesus on a cruise to New Caledonia and he was not in any way holy. He made a mean towel dog though.

towel dog

Zucchini is a nice vegetable but a rather boring word to finish this off with >.<

And there you go! That was actually really hard, so I apologize for some of the half-assed answers!

About Silvachief

I'm a Gamer that dabbles in a little bit of everything. I'm big on Video Games, Visual Novels, Anime, Books and TV Series, but there's more to me than just those!
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17 Responses to Awesome Blog Content Award – More Random Stuff About Me

  1. Alex says:

    X was the best one 🙂

  2. Overlord-G says:

    Most enjoyable list my friend. I still have to watch Brotherhood…maybe once my Dish is porperly installed.
    High five for loving pizza.
    University of Otago looks kickass.
    I go more for finishing an RPGs main story before questing but I do get sidetracked and go questing anyway in Tales games.
    I’ll be sure to add visiting New Zealand to my list of life goals.
    Saber is smart, sexy, powerful and deserving of all the praise she gets.
    I don’t eat dark chocolate that often. I prefer white…even though dark is healthier…why did that sound racist? Oh dear.

    • Silvachief says:

      Brotherhood is full of goodness and its length is perfect. Have you seen the original Fullmetal Alchemist?
      Otago is pretty cool for students as long as you don’t look too hard at their flats…most of them are disgusting >.<

      How many Tales games have you played? I've only played Vesperia so far but Xilia and Graces are waiting on my shelf, and I plan on getting the Symphonia remake once it's released. I don't mind side quests as long as they're interesting; most of Vesperia's side quests involve extra cutscenes or character dialogue so they're fine in my book (though they aren't the easiest to discover). I do the side stuff it it's fun but I hate forced grinding in games.

      You had most better visit NZ. Our cities can be a little boring but the countryside is awesometastic.
      I repeat: Saber is Best Girl ^_^

      You can't be racist about chocolate; that's one of its redeeming qualities!

      • Overlord-G says:

        I haven’t watched either FMA anime. I should one of these days…maybe if it airs on dish once I get the silly thing installed.

        I’ve played Symphonia, Abyss, Legendia, Innocence, Graces and Xillia. Tales sidequests are usually pretty neat and if simwuits are involved, I’m so there. As for grinding, I got used to it but am still thankful it is a rare requirement in modern JRPGS and WRPGs.

        I will do my best to afford a ticket to NZ someday.

        Saber is sexy awesome.

        Good to know that fact about chocolate.

  3. Lambda says:

    Cool list! X and Z~ How much do you like Zuchini? That is the question.

    Hahaha Saber is Best Girl. Okay, okay. I’ll leave you to your delusions.

    Brotherhood was awesome~ Greedling doesn’t show up in the original, so it’s instantly my favourite of the two~ (My only complaint is lack of real endgame Roy x Riza; not just an author’s note that they’re totally getting together at some point.)

    I don’t think having your favourite food be pizza is boring. So long as it isn’t cheese pizza. That’s boring – coincidentally, my favourite type of pizza. (On the subject of boring, that’s what I found .Hack//Sign)

    I’ll get to Alternative eventually. I’ll do it…! Everyone keeps hyping it up too much for me to handle….!

    • Silvachief says:

      I like zucchini quite a bit but don’t eat it often as it can be expensive here. It’s a must-have for stir fry though.

      Have you seen the original FMA and would you recommend it? I’ve heard very conflicting opinions about it.

      Perhaps I should watch .Hack again and see if my opinion of it has changed…it was my first so my view of it may be somewhat skewed.

      Alternative will rock your word, believe it! XD

      • Lambda says:

        Hm.. I’d definitely recommend it. It’s an interesting experience to take the same characters and put a different spin on the show (although I saw the original first, so Brotherhood was the interesting spin). There’s a lot less shounen-style action, and things can get downright depressing with very little comedy (and some very ‘realistic’ portrayals of war), but it holds some interesting answers to questions that weren’t answered at the point of the split, like what the Gate is and what homunculi are. It becomes quite funny comparing some of it..! It’s also known as one of the best adaptions that took a different direction, so there’s also that. However, I must say that I’m a major shounen fan, enjoyed the more obvious romance (and the original FMA goes with a very ????? ship) and I preferred the characters added in Brotherhood (like Greedling and Olivier) to the additional characters in FMA, as well as how the FMA:B characters develop so I liked Brotherhood better. …Although I think some homunculi end up a lot better developed depending on the story.

        I remember seeing a bunch of shounen anime at first, and I was actually shocked at how little got done in an episode…! It’s actually been a while since I tried to watch .Hack//Sign, though, so maybe your word is better than mine (6 years, I guess?).

        Ughhh. I’m getting really hyped now. I’m on chapter 10 of Unlimited, and I keep seeing little spoilers for Alternative here and there online. ;.; Will. Prevail.

        • Silvachief says:

          Compared to some of what i’ve heard that is an absolutely glowing review and has convinced me to give the original a go, so thank you =)

          6 years isn’t much longer ago than when I watched it >.<

          I actually couldn't put Alternative down…it took up huge amounts of my life for the week or so it took to read. It helped that Sumika was Best Girl for me. Who's your favorite? And how do you feel about Unlimited and Extra so far?

          • Lambda says:

            Only thank me if you enjoy it…!

            Ugh. I picked a horrible, terrible time to try Muv Luv, then. Strangely, I was perfectly free for Extra and have tons of tests by the time I get to Alternative. Cool. Great. Will start reading week in two weeks instead. Probably. I’ll remember Unlimited by then, right? I like Meiya the best, although Mikoto is second (and Kasumi is cute, too!)…! Sumika… I didn’t really have an opinion either way. She was cute one minute and not great the next… It felt like all the cuteness there (and with their relationship) was kinda blown away by a need to perform the harem cliche of the childhood friend.

            Extra… was pretty boring. Some parts were cringe-worthy (walking in on Sumika in the bathroom and Meiya changing…!) and I wanted to punch Takeru for the speech he made during the lacrosse game. It was one long common route, which was probably better for Unlimited’s purposes but it felt like I was made to stick around characters I wasn’t really interested in and only became interested in in the course of Unlimited. Also, that meant there was nearly 0 difference between Sumika and Meiya’s respective routes: the date, the scene after his choice, and cosmetic changes to the sex scene (because the writing certainly didn’t change, other than replacing the girl’s name…!). Unlimited’s been pretty alright, on the other hand. Seeing Takeru find his resolve is really fulfilling, and develops in a natural way, ’cause like of course if someone was pushed into a war time situation they’d probably faint. I’d like to see more characters act like that, and not just him… I also really liked chapter 7. However, neither chapter 8 nor 9 were real wins for me. Chapter 8 retread exactly the ground the lacrosse match covered, this time with a better-handled resolution (which does kinda show how Takeru grew, but it was even more boring the second time and kinda had me wondering whether this was the only way they knew to develop Sakaki and Ayamine?). Chapter 9’s message was simultaneously heavy-handed (oh man, let’s make you feel as sorry as possible for this old lady!) and confusing (I understand why you obey orders, Meiya in a situation where they disobeyed???). However, the dual piloting and resulting scenes were awesome!

            • Silvachief says:

              It’s kind of unfortunate because I seem to be the only one i’ve talked to who really liked Sumika, which made my experience of Alternative amazing because it’s really Sumika’s story with everyone else pushed to the side. So here I am praising Alternative and now i’m worried that, for everyone else, it won’t live up to my hype >..<
              Chapter 9 I think, however, is more about Takeru learning to understand Meiya and her relationship to the Japanese country/people. I didn't see the old woman as being very important in the long run, as she was just a tool for character relationship development really. I'm a bit hazy on the details but I think the thing about disobeying orders is meant to show that Meiya believes her obligation to Japan takes precedence over her obligation to the united nations. I could be completely wrong there; the details are hazy and i'm trying to guess from the little I remember.

      • Lambda says:

        Hm, but it’s not just you saying it’s awesome. So it must be awesome. Mob mentality which I subscribe to. I don’t mind Sumika, and I certainly wouldn’t mind some character development or getting to know her; it’s just I felt in Extra she had neat qualities that were stifled by being the type b tsundere osananajimi and the harem hijinks. I wouldn’t be adverse to that; everyone in Unlimited had a chapter about their issues, after all. I… don’t really want to see them attempt to develop Ayamine and Sakaki again.

        Hm. You’re right, I just think they went about it in a way that was cool and not at the same time. It was very obvious they wanted us to be all with Meiya on this one, and I couldn’t entirely get there. But I guess that’s the point, because I’m different from Meiya. Meiya wouldn’t hesitate to fulfill the wishes of the Japanese/her people, which is the reason she could obey an order to die (which I was expecting to come into play in Unlimited, by the way). Finished Unlimited, by the way. Meiya’s route. Ending was great, and I’m really interested in Takeru’s connection with the Meiya’s Extra route and just Extra in general, considering he remembered her ending! Although that also means the spoiler I remember was for the end of Alternative. Also can’t search anything; to be honest, I just want to finish because of all the spoilers! [Um… spoilers ahead?] I was looking for “Muv Luv Metamorphose” on youtube (because I not so secretly love every single Muv Luv alternative opening, even those for the spin offs – and I was passionately singing along when I first opened the game). One of the suggestions is “Muv Luv Meiya Death”. ;.;

        • Silvachief says:

          You will see Sakaki and Ayamine make up again and you will like it! I’m serious about seeing it again, not so serious about liking it. I actually really didn’t enjoy Unlimited’s ending (which was also Meiya’s – Yuuko’s is worth doing for explanations), as I felt it was rushed because they knew they had another game coming. It also pissed me off that we spent an entire visual novel hearing about an enemy that we never got to see. If the series had ended with Unlimited I would not have been happy.

          The Muv-Luv Alternative OP, as said by Garejei, is probably the greatest of all time. I haven’t listened to the re-release version though. Can you recommend some others worth watching? Also, that must be a spoiler for one of the fandisks or something; don’t worry about it for Alternative.

          Be sure to keep me up to date on how you feel about Alternative as i’d love to discuss it with you (to the best of my memory’s ability)!

          • Lambda says:

            I knew that Alternative would happen, but I was also pissed that we never saw a Beta! Everything ending suddenly was great, I think. It kinda made me want to start up Alternative right away (which I did; I still need to see Yuuko’s ending). I do agree that it was really sudden, but I also think that’s how the cadets felt – like the whole world was just pulled out from under them. Although I would’ve preferred if they simply jumped right to “so now we need to evacuate people” rather than the two year skip.

            You mean Muv Luv Alternative ops? Because all of them are good! In my opinion. I like Asu e Houkou the best, but as a big fan of Granrodeo I enjoyed the hell outta 0-Gravity, and Metamorphose and Name ~Kimi no na wa~ were good (both JAM Project), and Saigo no Eden and Insanity are pretty awesome. If it comes to other eroge openings, I enjoyed all of the Grisaia series’ openings as well as all of the What a Beautiful series’ and 11eyes had an awesome opening (I really like Lunatic Tears…).

            Ahhhh that’s good. I will not worry, then! Mind clear of that spoiler! It’s entirely possible that I’m spoiled on nothing and reading about Alternative years ago combined with other series…! (<- my greatest hope)

            I will most certainly report back, sir!

            • Lambda says:

              As proof that I cannot be stopped once on the subject of eroge openings, I really enjoyed Baldr Sky’s openings (for Dive1, Dive2, and Zero). Muramasa’s opening is pretty awesome too, if you hadn’t heard it yet! Okay. Will try to stop now.

            • Silvachief says:

              One of the biggest reasons I love VN/Anime OPs/EDs is because of the connection I make between them and the series I enjoyed. It’s almost like I enjoy the memories of the VN/Anime more than the song itself (of course, I do have to like the song…). I’ll take a look at the ones you’ve recommended but since I haven’t played them they probably won’t resonate with me as much…and those non-translated ones that I can’t play are just a tease >.<

              • Lambda says:

                I see. I can understand that. I watch openings because they attempt to perfectly encapsulate the spirit of the game/anime within a few short minutes while trying to make it flashy and it’s fascinating to watch. I just… watch openings sometimes. Just go on youtube and look up openings ’cause they’re fun. I typically have no intention of seeing the show (Tenjou Tenge’s opening is one of the coolest I’ve seen, but I watched an episode and have no intention of going back). You don’t have to look up the other openings if you don’t want to, I just didn’t really know where the question was going so i played it safe and answered both.

                (By the way, I missed Once and Forever, also by Granrodeo.)

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