[Anime Music Spotlight]: To Love-Ru – Kiss no Yukue

Maybe it’s because i’m on call till 10.30 tonight, or maybe it’s because i’m just a tad sleep deprived, but I nearly forgot about today’s music spotlight! Luckily I write them up the week beforehand ^_^

To be honest, i’ve found To Love-Ru to be pretty darned average. It seems to have a lot of fans but it’s really not my kind of show. One thing it does well, however, is picking the songs for its OPs and EDs. Kiss no Yukue is the second ED of the show’s first season and one of the only themes for which I can actually show the original video due to age restriction issues.

The ED is first up, followed by the full version of the song.

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11 Responses to [Anime Music Spotlight]: To Love-Ru – Kiss no Yukue

  1. Lambda says:

    I’ll give To Love-Ru its first opening. It’s pretty clever with its credits and the song’s pretty good (this one’s pretty good, too, though). I learned about it through the fan videos that make it look the same with different characters; I remember 2 separate ones for Durarara!! (1 of which plays the credits zoom in a more humorous rather than fanservice-y manner) and 1 for Axis Powers Hetalia (which, upon viewing, includes sayings for each country featured instead of credits which is pretty cool). So the opening for a fanservice show that is definitely not my ‘thing’ reached me in the form of MADs for series that definitely were on two separate occasions about a year apart. I think that’s a pretty cool opening. Admittedly, its openings and endings are all I’ll ever give To Love Ru ever, probably.

    P.S. [really light spoiler reference for Alternative about a ‘scene’ in the chapter post-Coup] MLA got heavy and I was just as blindsided as Takeru and he keeps remembering that scene so basically I’m playing with my field of vision obstructed so I can only see the text and the bottom of the screen because I’m pretty disturbed too, Takeru!

    • Lambda says:

      Looked around a bit more, and the first opening is actually pretty widely used in fan videos. I found a Hunter x Hunter version, a Reborn version, a Pokemon girls version (including Yellow, and no I’m not kidding), an Attack on Titan version, another Hetalia version and a Dangan Ronpa 2 version, among other ones. Looking around at these is pretty fun, I’ll give To Love-Ru that.

    • Silvachief says:

      I may have to look up some of these videos XD I had no idea that sort of thing existed. I have absolutely no idea what possessed me to watch all of To Love-Ru, other than someone having recommended the third season to me and maybe a little “i’ve gotten this far so I can’t stop now” stubbornness. I do have to admit that that third season was actually worthwhile, though it’s questionable whether I would watch any further To Love-Ru anime.

      I think I know exactly which scene you mean. That one hit me like a ton of bricks and made me pretty emotional to be honest, which doesn’t happen all that often. How are you finding Alternative compared to the first two chapters so far?

      • Lambda says:

        Oh, really? Well it’s good that you found something worthwhile in it! But all I see is ‘fanservice show for straight males that like that’…. To show my shallowness, though, flip the genders (or just make the girls->guys) and you might have me there! I started from the Durarara!! version here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JV5W2QWfsKM then used the relateds in the order Durarara!! -> Reborn -> Hunter x Hunter -> Pokemon or Attack on Titan -> Danganronpa 2 (from Pokemon or HxH).

        [Warning ’cause I get MLA spoilery until part of the way through the chapter after the Coup and if you’re here to read about fanservicey shows about aliens then you’re gonna get disappointed]
        I’m actually really liking it so far, although it is a little slow (because it basically takes MLU’s plot and then sucks the conflict out of it for its first few chapters). The Coup D’etat arc was awesome! Finally meeting my Shogun Yuuhi~ Although what I most enjoyed in that arc was it solving the problem I had in the Mt. Tengen arc: that there was no second side to Meiya’s debate where thinking about emotions/people over completion of the orders is more important. Just adding Walken as a character? It really helped. Because they treated him as a character and not a stereotype or a strawman, which was my fear (he’s American, after all, and this is about Japan). They presented both of them as appropriate thought patterns. It was great. It made me think, it made Takeru think, it made everyone think. Takeru’s little development was good, too, because MLA appears to excel at bringing up every topic I think about (I was thinking that Takeru half-assed his thinking in deciding a side the night before I read that part). Another point that I was not expecting MLA to bring up: the feelings of some vets upon arriving home. I noticed that Takeru’s thinking the first time he went to his world again kinda reminded me of soldiers during WWII I read about who would sign up for another front because they couldn’t connect civilian life. I wasn’t expecting them to actually go into that and show that in depth (well, until the second Marimo’s demise and everything went a little sci-fi, it was still a pretty good portrayal, I think).

        While I’m spoiling, I was talking about the first MLA Marimo’s demise. I’m really connecting with this Takeru, oddly only after he started questioning himself. I couldn’t connect as well when he was simply going along with Alternative V (MLU Takeru and MLE Takeru both end up neutral to me, where I can understand where they’re coming from, unlike initial MLA Takeru – where I can’t understand his thought patterns because I’m from that world that only becomes patriotic during Olympics – but I don’t feel the emotions they’re feeling). But I was similarly super surprised by the BETA, everything became super tense (I actually thought that Takeru would died and that another world would start up!), and then I was just as depressed when Takeru began beating himself up, then Marimo gave me hope and Takeru turned around and— “WHAT THE HELL THAT WASN’T COOL!!! So surprising. Upsetting. Gross.” (<-choice parts of my first reaction; I had to take a break after I was done being shocked and denying her death). I got really angry at Meiya while she told Takeru to basically ' get over it', too. I actually cried with this Takeru on Marimo's lap and couldn't stop crying.
        Okay I wrote too much and it might not be that interesting but that's that.

        • Silvachief says:

          The first two seasons are exactly what you described. There isn’t any real plot and the comedy isn’t anything special either. I think if it hadn’t been during a holiday for me and I wasn’t watching much anime anyway I would have dropped it. The unfortunate level of fan service continues into the third season but a reasonably interesting plot manages to squirm into it and the third season’s OP, Rakuen Project, is just plain awesome (and has no fan service at all, if you feel like checking it out). I would be grateful if you could link me the Pokemon one, as that’s the only anime of those that i’ve seen and I couldn’t find it >.<

          I would like to take a moment to appreciate the quality of your spoiler tag =P
          [Insert slightly inferior-feeling spoiler tag]
          It's interesting to read about your feeling of connection to Takeru (or lack of it, at some points). I can't remember my feelings during each of the periods, though I -do- remember getting a little annoyed at Takeru constantly freaking out at himself every time something goes wrong. I agree with you about Walken; I didn't think about it at the time but he's a very well thought-out character and smooths out some of the anti-American vibes (which I felt were pretty heavy, and i'm from New Zealand XD).

          The patriotic feeling is also foreign to me but fits with the shogunate Japanese culture (I think? Maybe i'm just making this up). Loyalty to one's family and one's company is a huge thing in Japan, so I can only assume that patriotism is pretty common as well. Alternative was constantly surprising me though Marimo's death really caught me off guard; I had pretty much the same reaction you did. In the review i've typed up I talk about how I went through a proper 5 stages grieving process for Marimo T_T
          I was totally interested! If you post a reply though it may be worth starting a new comment thread ^_^

    • Kai says:

      [MLA spoiler too, I guess] I think I know which scene you meant, and there are more dark things to come xD In MLA, there was also another ‘scene’ regarding Unit 00’s past that was really disturbing, but seeing that this visual novel talks about aliens, I didn’t know why I didn’t expect this coming. Perhaps there was none of those kind of scenes for such a lengthy time I thought there wouldn’t be one, and the sudden appearance kinda surprised me.

      • Silvachief says:

        Aw yeah man, that second scene got me too. There was apparently a lot of controversy over the first scene (but not the second, which is odd), though I think that it was one of the moments that really made Muv-Luv Alternative for me. I mean, no, I wasn’t happy about it, but it was so unexpected and so chock-full of emotion that I won’t be forgetting it for a long time.

  2. Lambda says:

    [Note: this comment still contains spoilers for MLA and a little fangirling over a fictional American but I restrained myself]

    Oh man, that opening! I thought the third season’s opening was pretty good, but a lot of my thoughts before this were “but it doesn’t fit To Love-Ru at all!”. Good to know it lives up to the opening. Pokemon is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEzuuCLr0OY . It’s always complex navigating the Japanese video titles.

    The first little bit with Takeru freaking out every time a little threat towards Alternative IV appeared was hard to bear. The start of the Coup arc, where he barges into the control room… I thought Yuuko’d get a lot more pissed, rather than giving him an important mission. Although I must say I found it interesting that he takes the Coup arc to go past the thoughts of “so long as it doesn’t injure someone close to me”; he thinks the same thing as when he thinks his first world is so much better because Japan isn’t under war. He says he understands that other countries are at war even in his former world at the start of MLA, but it’s pretty clear he really doesn’t. Everyone freaking out after first meeting the BETA, though, is something I completely understand. Like, they’ve only just been trained. They’re only soldiers in name facing this horror, and Takeru pumped himself that he could do anything. Not being able to do anything against them… had to hurt.

    Yes! Walken’s just a guy doing his job: one where lives are on the line, too! It’s not unreasonable for him to just press to fulfill his orders. I really didn’t want him to die. T.T The Walken and Tsukuyomi debate where they figure out whether to give Yuuhi the drug was wonderful, and perfectly encapsulates their arguments, and even Yuuhi agrees with Walken, despite perhaps the natural gut feeling of siding with Tsukuyomi. The story is being totally fair with this debate this time. It also shows that the feelings of a soldier, even a high ranking one, can be different from those of their country. Although, to be honest, as part of the “51st State”, I could understand a little bit of Japan’s frustration of needing America but wanting to assert their sovereignty. It’s a little less of a major issue with Canada in what is technically peace time, though. By the way, Yuuko says half of Canada is uninhabitable, but which half is it? 90% of Canada lives near the border. Unimportant questions.

    Yeah, Japan is pretty group-oriented and this war time version is even worse, so it’s even harder to adjust for us than it is for Takeru, probably. Although what I said about patriotism comes from a speech that Takeru makes that truly reminded me of those veterans, where he proclaimed after landing in his world for the first time since that “[people from his world] emphasize their rights over their own responsibilities. Just like… [he] used to. [He] took for granted that [his] peace and safety were being protected”, eventually following that people only get a sense of country during something like the Olympics. Takeru’s thought process there is incomprehensible to me on anything but an academic level (where I go ‘that’s like those articles I read’).

    Looking forward to this write-up, and I can assure you you weren’t the only one thinking like that with Marimo! The second time was only slightly better. Slightly (although I stopped between the first and the second, while Takeru was doing fine in his world so I couldn’t help but think we shared joint responsibility the second time Marimo died; it was my decision to continue playing)

    • Silvachief says:

      [More spoilers. Maybe I should consider adding a spoiler tag to the title of the post XD]

      I’m glad that someone was able to validate my opinion on that opening =P If the entire series had been like that opening I would have loved it to bits. Unfortunately, while it took a step in the right direction, the series didn’t quite make it there. I’m really impressed by that video! I don’t think I quite understood what you meant when you were first talking about them…they actually look exactly the same but with different characters! Lots of effort went into that.

      I’ll give you the fact that Takeru is justified in much of his self-beating-up (or rather, that I can understand where it comes from). It just felt like a recurring theme that was continually unresolved despite Takeru thinking it was…which was probably the point, I suppose. Those BETA though…they’re absolutely terrifying. They rank pretty high in my Hall Of Things I Absolutely Do No Wish To Ever Encounter, maybe even at the very top of the list. They get to me in a way no other fictional adversary has before. Are you considering watching Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse after finishing the VN? It’s not a “must watch” by any means but you do get to see the Muv-Luv world animated which is pretty cool. Review for that coming soon as well.

      I also found that the though conflict between Meiya’s world and Takeru’s world was done better in Alternative, even if it was mediated by different characters. And I agree that Walken is a perfect example of a soldier that, despite being high ranked, can think for themselves. There’s a lot of anti-American feeling portrayed in visual novels (including Higurashi, which I just finished), though I think Alternative might be the first one I’ve read where an American essentially sacrifices himself for Japan. The characters’ feelings toward the US is understandable when you consider the two countries’ histories. As for Canada, Total Eclipse suggests it’s the part away from the border. This picture might tell a slightly different story though: http://i.imgur.com/6OTD8.jpg

      Hm…i’m not entirely sure what to say on that point, since I may be misunderstanding what you’re trying to get across. New Zealand doesn’t have a whole lot of patriotism floating around. Our history doesn’t have much to it and we’re not exactly a world power, so the idea of only banding together as a country when it comes to sports hits pretty close to home. I would agree that we take our safety for granted and also that most of the world does the same…I mean, who expects a ridiculously powerful enemy to bum-rush the Earth and effectively counter nearly everything we throw at them?

      That’s…an interest thought >.> I don’t think i’ve ever felt responsibility for a character’s death.

  3. Kai says:

    Too much Haruna in the ED, I prefer more Yami xD

    Speaking of which, I think it’s about time I watch Darkness too, though at that time when it was still airing, I was kinda waiting for the *coughuncensoredcough* versions.

    • Silvachief says:

      After the third season I would have to say that Momo is my favorite. She pretty much becomes the main heroine though, as Lala and Haruna are shoved into the background.

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