[Visual Novel Review]: Muv-Luv Part 2 (Unlimited)

Part One – Extra

Part Two – Unlimited

Part Three – Alternative

muv-luv muv luv unlimited vn visual novel title

Rating – R18

Developer – Age

Translator – Amaterasu Translations

Length – 10 – 20 Hours (Extra), 10 Hours (Unlimited), 50+ Hours (Alternative)

Reviewing Muv-Luv has left me a little conflicted. I believe that all visual novels should stand up on their own regardless of whatever is planned for their sequels, but looking at Muv-Luv that way doesn’t quite do it justice. All three parts (Extra, Unlimited, Alternative) work together to build up for a grand finale at the expense of the earlier games and I’m just not sure how I feel about that. I’ve decided to review the instalments as separate visual novels, though I ask you to keep in mind that each requires you to read the one before it to reach its full potential.

Muv-Luv Unlimited 

If you thought the Muv-Luv series itself was entirely romance and comedy, you would be horribly wrong. In this second instalment Takeru wakes one morning before the end of the original game in a world almost completely different from his own. From the completely destroyed city surrounding his house to the military academy that sits in place of his school, Takeru has trouble taking these new developments seriously. The fight humanity has been steadily losing for the past few decades, however, is all too real. Through some odd twist of fate, Takeru is placed in a training squad along with this world’s versions of his classmates. Though the TSFs, or Tactical Surface Fighters (think mechs), that have been developed to fight Earth’s enemies resemble the video games of his home world, Takeru still has a long way to go if he wants to have any chance of surviving the BETA, the biggest threat to human survival to have ever existed.

muv-luv muv luv unlimited vn visual novel takeru

Let me start by saying that I am not a mech fan. In the past giants robots just haven’t appealed to me. Despite that, however, I very quickly became interested in the world Muv-Luv Unlimited had created. Maybe it was because I had spent time with the main characters already in Extra, maybe it was because I’ve always been a sucker for training scenarios, or maybe it was the degree to which humanity had been pushed to the brink, but whatever it was Unlimited’s setting just clicked with me. The writing and ideas behind this second portion of the story were much better than Extra’s, though the story still suffered from the same problem: beyond one major exception (much like Extra’s endings), nothing really happens.

Though Muv-Luv Unlimited talks a big game, building up to an exciting conclusion, developing character relationships and yet still holding back a little bit of information to keep you thinking, it finishes without fulfilling what it appeared to be setting up. To be honest, I was really quite surprised when a “Two Years Later” sign appeared and then suddenly the game ended. If someone had asked me how far through the story I had thought I was even one scene before that point, I probably would have told them I was about half way because, as I said earlier, nothing had really happened. In fact, during Unlimited you never once get to see the enemy you’re supposed to be fighting because the main characters are all still in training. I understand that Age probably already had Alternative lined up as a sequel, but I don’t think that should be considered an excuse for the half-assed ending thrown onto Unlimited’s tail end.

muv-luv muv luv unlimited vn visual novel kasumi Once again the characters are a strong point of this series, and being able to see how differently they’ve turned out in this alternate environment is incredibly interesting. Meiya and Sumika have been pushed back to having more or less the same importance of the other characters, which is an odd choice in my opinion, but since the ending routes are so short it doesn’t matter anyway. [MINOR SPOILER] Sumika doesn’t actually appear at all in Unlimited, and though the reason becomes clear in Alternative her sudden removal felt detrimental to Unlimited as an individual experience because of how important she’d been previously. [/MINOR SPOILER]

 The brilliant use of character sprites and camera angles returns in Unlimited, becoming even more noteworthy because of their contribution to the Mech battles. While the visual novel format doesn’t lend itself to visual depictions of battles Muv-Luv probably does the best it possibly could with the medium, especially given its age. The BGM is mostly recycled from Extra, though I have no complaints about that, and the voice acting and sound effects are just as good.

 muv-luv muv luv unlimited vn visual novel

Summary – I really liked Muv-Luv Unlimited right up until the end. The radical change in setting from the first game can’t help but intrigue you even if mechs aren’t your thing. It’s a shame that this portion of the story isn’t given a decent conclusion but I guess it works as a prequel to Alternative. Skip Extra if you must but Unlimited is absolutely necessary for you to truly enjoy the Muv-Luv series.

 Score: 8/10 – Good

muv-luv muv luv unlimited vn visual novel

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25 Responses to [Visual Novel Review]: Muv-Luv Part 2 (Unlimited)

  1. Lambda says:

    It appears I felt that more things happened than you did. There was a conflict in every chapter near the end, I thought. I will admit that the big climax didn’t feel like one, though. The sudden two years later was surprising!

    No mention of the moments of animation? I realize that they may look dated (the opening especially), but I think it really gave those tense moments something extra.

    If anyone’s interested in how Unlimited goes after the end, there’s a series of stories called Muv Luv Unlimited: the Day After that’s coming out. You’ll just have to be able to read Japanese, that’s all! The Best Girl appears to be in them, too!

    (If mechas are people’s ‘thing’, I don’t think it gets really interesting for mecha battles until Alternative, but there’s one chapter that has two and they’re passable and there’s a dual piloting scene)

    • Silvachief says:

      I guess I mean that nothing really happens in regard to Muv-Luv’s story as a whole. It’s just training -> training -> fast forward -> end. Yes, there are small events that occur but Unlimited is still really just setting up for Alternative rather than telling its own story.

      I did enjoy the animation but I don’t feel it was used frequently enough to count as a feature for or against Unlimited, which is why I didn’t include it in the review. It can be a nice surprise for anyone who has yet to read it =P

      I’m so keen for those other Muv-Luv VNs. There are apparently fan translations in the works for them but it seems to be goingg pretty slowly. It gives me a chance to get through my backlog, I guess.

      • Lambda says:

        I get your point, but to Unlimited’s credit, there are a lot of surprisingly tense moments for a story which may ultimately just be build up to Alternative. (my mind keeps going back to the Minor Spoilers of the airplane and the false alarm)

        I’m interested in TDA because of the best girl, but to be honest, I think Alternative pretty much invalidates it? I mean, it shouldn’t even matter in the long run? But fan translations go so slowly that it might be better to give up and then have their completion come as a nice surprise years later. I’m actually really cautious; I think Alternative did a great thing, and made me interested, but any side stories may mess that up….

        • Silvachief says:

          I’ll admit that Unlimited did have some very good scenes that kept me excited and wanting to know more. Those considered alone might have given it a higher score but it’s the ending and the overall story created by that ending that drags it down. An 8/10 is still pretty good in my ranking, meaning that despite any faults the VN is still recommended. It might seem like i’ve criticized it pretty heavily, but overall I still liked it.

          I’m not really clued up on what all of the other VNs are about. I guess I don’t want to get excited about them when the translations might never actually finish (perish the though). I’ve nearly given up on actively waiting for translations…Fate/Hollow Ataraxia nearly made me tear up when its progress actually managed to go backwards…

  2. garejei says:

    Kinda sucks how this game is constantly overshadowed by MLA. But I do love Unlimited, I enjoyed every minute of it. I don’t mind the time skip much (although it would’ve been nice to see more of those years), plus it leads into the most memorable ending in the trilogy for me, especially with that monologue + song at the end.

    • Silvachief says:

      I did certainly enjoy Unlimited, though for me it wasn’t nearly as special as Alternative. I wasn’t prepared for the time skip at all so it caught me off guard, which may have been why I didn’t enjoy the ending. We may just have to agree to disagree on that front, as I thought the ending was rather poorly done.

  3. Kai says:

    “Unlimited is absolutely necessary for you to truly enjoy the Muv-Luv series.”

    In fact, I’m not even sure how one would play Alternative without Unlimited, some ties are connected with Extra, of cause, but Unlimited’s definitely the more essential part of the trilogy in terms of build-up. Indeed, it’s kinda sad how it’s easily overshadowed by MLA, but it did a fine job as a prequel to Alternative.

    • Silvachief says:

      To be honest, I don’t anyone could really play Unlimited without Extra. Without even considering the references to scenes from the first game, the connections with the characters just wouldn’t be there. And then imagine having Sumika, who isn’t even in Unlimited, as the main heroine for MLA XD

      I agree that the disparity between the quality of the three titles is unfortunate. I mean, imagine if we had 3 Alternative quality visual novels =P

      • Shinygami says:

        This line of thought frightens and arouses me. Fear has scarce been so… Pleasurable.

        I’m sorry, that probably spreads even more fear. But three Alternative quality VNs..? My god that would be terrifyingly awesome! If that were the case, I’d never enjoy Deardrops, G-Senjou no Maou, or Hoshizora no Memoria!

        • Silvachief says:

          I do sometimes wonder how much I would have enjoyed other VNs if i’d played Alternative first. G-Senjou no Maou would probably rank pretty highly, but those others might have more trouble! I suppose Muv Luv is a very different genre though, so maybe it would have been fine.

          • Shinygami says:

            My evolution went from F/SN to Tsukihime, then to Muv-Luv. I think I wound up at a natural starter point with two of the best known VNs (I wound up buying three Saber figs at Mechacon last weekend!) then jumped into something that spoiled the crap outta me. It made me very critical of other VNs, but Maou stood up beautifully, but I think HoshiMemo and Deardrops would’ve ranked much higher to me if I’d not been exposed to such awesome until a later date.

    • jindo90 says:

      I did cut corners a lot then. Before playing MLA, I only read the manga of Unlimited and Alternative up to before the coup arc. The manga of Alternative has plenty of eye-candy fan-services (which weren’t in the VN), but the slow updates prompted me to read my first VN. Right, MLA is my first VN, and so I started to doubt whether I can enjoy other VNs now.

      • Silvachief says:

        That’s interesting to hear. Other than the fan service, was the manga very different to the visual novel?
        That’s sort of an unfortunate position to be in >.< I'm sure you could find something else you enjoy if you gave other VNs a go. Something like G-Senjou no Maou would probably be a good idea.

        • jindo90 says:

          Since it was in manga format, there was definitely less thoughts from Takeru, mainly conversations with the girls. And very few of the conversations was actually about his idea of “resolve”, which I think was pretty important in the VN. That was the manga up to just before the coup.
          Ever since I finished MLA, other anime and manga seem kinda slow to me… Just proved how well paced the writing was.

  4. Shinygami says:

    I went into the con with nearly a grand intended solely for tomfoolery and collection purposes… I was pretty conspicuous… ^^;

    Sorry it took an age to get back to you, I caught the crud and was bedridden for a week, and admittedly the other parts were me being negligent in posting due to gaming and such, buuut…

    Lessee, There’s a Saber Lily fig… As to which one precisely… http://myfigurecollection.net/item/158103
    I admit that my Saber figs were somewhat cheap, so they’re not like super duper ones, but they are good display figs.. Enough to make my other F/SN fan friends jealous.

    Uhm… Standard Saber was a Taito one… http://myfigurecollection.net/item/111864

    And then I’ve got Nero Saber from Extra CCC. I’m playing through Extra now and have to say Nero’s quite a trip!~


    This one was a little more expensive, but it’s a little higher quality!

    I felt like Caster in Carnival Phantasm with my Saber hunting trip… <.<;

    The other two things I got were a very high dollar Asuka figure from EVA 3.0, eyepatch and all~


    THAT ONE WAS NUTS! It stays in the box. Nuff said.

    And a dinky Revoltech EVA to go with the Revoltech Takemikazuchi my best friend imported for my birthday. I may not be as nutty about Revoltech due to less details (And less articulation than the damned Shiranui model kit he imported for himself!!!), but… I was still thrilled nonetheless to get an EVA, but even more thrilled that the Type 00R Takemikazuchi was my first official figure after losing my old Wing Zero EW Gundam model!~~~


    Aaaand because I had to mention it, incidentally sculpted by the same artist as my EVA, the loved starter point of my reborn collection… The Shogun's own: http://myfigurecollection.net/item/59888

    And I must apologize for turning this into a show-off session of my meager collection. I must admit that I'm likely to begin importing figs soon if I can amass money like in the time before con!

    And I should mention, I don't despise Revoltech, I just don't really see it as being as… Awesome as a model kit or some of the higher-end figures and statues.

    • Shinygami says:

      Did not mean to start a new chain, head’s still slightly nutty. ^^;

      Aaaand I’m registering on that site so I NEVER have to write up a post like that ever again just to show off my handful’a links!

      • Silvachief says:

        New chains are good, since wordpress just makes new posts thinner and longer =/ It’s good to hear you’re feeling better!

        Sounds like you’ve got a pretty good haul =) I forgot to mention that I do also have a Shiranui model that I haven’t quite finished putting together yet (http://myfigurecollection.net/item/155042).

        How are you finding Extra so far?

        • Shinygami says:

          MUKIII!!!! Uh… Damn… Michiru’s idiocy has rubbed off on me… Caught me in the middle of Grisaia. Lovable character, idiocy aside. But yeah, it seems everyone has a model. I need to hunt down someone with in-stock models. I still remember the satisfaction of that Endless Waltz Wing Zero sitting on my shelf, twin buster rifles at the ready, ahhh, fond memories. Fun fact about that one… I actually browbeat my father into buying it for me when I was still a precocious spoiled brat while we were at… A HOBBY LOBBY!!! No one believes me, but that’s the gods honest truth.

          But oh yes, it was indeed a grand haul. I didn’t mention all my little incidentals, the fact that unlike my first con last year, I was well-fed (In Bourbon Street, there be goooood eats), well-caffeinated, and well-rested (Poor conditions of the under variety of those three led to headaches, fatigue, and mistaking an Ashley Williams PlayArts fig for a Bishoujo Commander Shepard fig… I’m still ashamed I bought it.). Oh, then there was the Sleeping Samurai matches against my friends that led to my already minor injuries from helping my damned wealthy employers move their heavy, heavy furniture (Including, to my shame, a pulled groin, minor pulled hamstrings, and of course a very well worked back) being exacerbated to the point my lower back locked up on the first night and my friend had to um… Help loosen the muscles. *Cough* But I digress, as mentioned earlier, one thousand dollars worth of merch makes you… Very conspicuous when packing to leave. xD Like… No one was NOT watching me make off with my loot.

          Now, I apologize for all that info, but Extra is entertaining enough. As mentioned above, Nero’s a bit more… Entertaining than Arturia. She’s almost downright goofy at times. I’ve started up a second playthrough with the Caster Tamamo-no-Mae, and have yet to start up with Archer, but the problem is, mid-play, I expanded my current VN catalog by four. I admit I got back into the game on this new laptop with something light and humorous (Albeit very, very, very black humor) and played… Yandere. Let’s just say, unless you like seeing people get what’s coming to them in exceedingly screwed up ways, don’t ever read it. So now I’m reading something I never thought I’d read, simply because it’s creators deserve to have the “Welcome to the World of Tomorrow!” guy shout something like… “It Came from the Depths of 4chan!!!”, but… I’m reading Katawa Shoujo and fiinding it very likable, if simply done. Alot of people say that’s the charm. Alongside this, I’m on Grisaia no Kajitsu, Comyu: Kuroi Ryuu to Oukoku (I cannot type the Cyrillic character in the first word), and lastly, yet to start, but plan to read, Swan Song.

          So I sadly got myself sidetracked. If I remember right, I’m only on week 3 of Extra, so not far? But I think you only fight seven masters, so… Maybe near Halfway? Despite knowing the Servant identities (Being a history/mythology nut, kicked off by SMT, aided by F/SN, and made worse by personal religious, pseudoreligious, and mythological curiosity) I’ve tried to keep from spoiling the game for myself. I do honestly recommend it though if you’re a big F/SN fan. I just hope they deign fit to translate CCC so we can get to enjoy even more! And I need to find some way to read Apocrypha… that one looks fun. Mordred’s in it! As well as Vlad the Impaler (Who also appears in Extra in a slightly different way)!

  5. Silvachief says:

    It’s funny you should mention Michiru. I haven’t really been enjoying Grisaia very much till now (played everyone’s route but Yumiko’s – they’re not terrible but i’m not loving them either) but Michiru’s route was the best so far in my opinion. And I didn’t even like her character before playing her route!
    I think that story might make more sense if I had seen that series or heard of that shop.

    I haven’t been able to go to any conventions so far (well…none worth mentioning) since New Zealand is really too small for them. One thousand dollars of merchandise is ridiculous XD I’m still a student so unfortunately I don’t quite have that much to spend.

    I played Extra with Nero and enjoyed the game, but i’m not sure I would pick it up again just because of how repetitive the battles can get. Yandere characters in general are scary. Entertaining though, sometimes. I haven’t played the Yandere vn but i’ve seen some of the CGs =O At the moment my lineup is Grisaia, Steins;Gate and then Comyu, with some breaks for video games (like Resonance of Fate) in between because i’ve been neglecting them and i’m running out of both video game and visual novel reviews.

    I’ve actually already played Extra (as you may have guessed from the earlier paragraph). There’s even a review for it on this blog! I’ve personally been waiting for Fate/Hollow Ataraxia so I can get back to Battle Moon Wars (which I had to stop to avoid spoilers).

    • Shinygami says:

      I need to get my hands on Battle Moon Wars again. I’m only two years into proper adult life, but as mentioned, the independent contractor company I’m part of is very gainfully employed by a fairly wealthy couple that’s making alot of moves in good ole excessively humid and hot Louisiana. If I stick with this, there’s a heavy chance I may end up in the real estate business when I’m in my thirties and no longer using my back to work, but coordinating work crews and dealing more with just collecting rent from tenants and managing a budget. Outside of that, I could be sitting on millions. Mind you, I’m still just beginning to grasp this whole business, so far, I’m just a laborer, granted, third senior on the crew, but I’m not an owner, so my value isn’t that grand yet, but I see how the two directly above me are being rewarded and know it’s gonna trickle down sometime if I keep at it.

      An otaku with that kind of money can easily become a terrifying thing. I’m reminded of Bill Gates in Spock cosplay.

      As far as Grisaia, I’ve only really just gotten myself locked into a route. It happens to be Maki-Maki, erm, not from any personal preferences, just… I tend to be a mushy ball of emotion. They HAD to bring up her body language with that wad of cash and check and all that meaning “Please don’t reject me” and I caved. I’m a soft man in a hard world, ladies and gents. Be merciful.

      I’ve a friend trying to pressure me into Steins;Gate. I mean, I am interested, but I’ve got a tendency to get sidetracked unless I make the choice of my own volition and end up getting attached to the plot or attached to the characters. Regarding Yandere, it’s not gold. I laughed a bit, and suffered nausea a little, and never finished it, but I am a little ashamed of reading it. Yandere aren’t adorable in my eyes, but they work good for black comedy.

      Ahhh, you played Extra, sorry, not a regular on this site… Yet. But as far as Extra goes, I got a little sidetracked as mentioned earlier. With video games, I’ve got a backlog starting to form due to an influx of my own wealth. Though honestly, I’m breaking in my laptop and testing its cans and can nots with alot of software. I’m now occasionally on DayZ with two buddies (We try to be fair people and try not to shoot when diplomacy is an option, but we anticipate a day when we have to show force), finally modding Skyrim and Xcom, finally trying Civ V, and waiting on the Destiny PS4 bundle to make my jump into the next gen. I was more a 360 guy last gen, but friends do dictate your console when you’re a big online player.

      As for Comyu, I find it kinda amusing. I’m not like… Sucked in yet, and the enforced playing order was an instant let-down when I found that out, since I like to try making my first playthrough my natural choices, and then try to either intuit choices or just follow a guide to finish the game. F/SN sorta made me have to use a guide, same with Tsukihime… But Comyu isn’t pushing me away either. It’s entertaining at the least. That’s the most important part when it comes down to it, do you enjoy your time, no matter how much or little, and is your time passing at a rate that you desire.

      Ah, regarding WIP translations like Hollow Atarxia, I know the ML chronicles are underway with one ready enough-ish I think… Altered Fable underway (Sure no mecha, but I still want it! I think this is a case of character attachment trumping plot), and then I’ve been waiting so long I’ve lost hope in ever playing Seinarukana, aaand lastly, I refuse to play Majikoi until it’s fully translated.

      And now, because I like to add more and more discussion fodder, I recently got into light novels. And not the two big ones these days by Kawahara, though I do enjoy Sword Art Online, but I’ve found an awesome one called Utsuro no Hako to Zeroth Maria (Empty Box and the Zeroth Maria) or HakoMari for short, and fell in love with that one due to its first volume focusing on a time-loop, my lust for which began with ML, and then became heavilly exacerbated by reading All You Need is Kill. I loved that light novel despite its full sprint and slightly sloppy finish, and the manga version is pretty damn good. I’m ashamed to sound like a bad worker, but anytime there’s a break period, I hole up in a nice, dark, cool little corner and use the wonderful smart phone to hunt down worthwhile light novels. I remember a friend saying something about a rule I was breaking, because of moods being induced by fiction, but I always viewed compartmentalization as a big responsibility for the overindulgent reader/gamer like myself.

      Although, I do remember a fun moment when I was walking home from school during my read-through of MLA… I was sleep-deprived due to said overindulgence and wound up in a mildly hallucinogenic stupor and realized that I got my heart pounding realizing I had to deal with a Code 911 when I got home. DO NOT EXHAUST YOURSELF WHEN YOU SUFFER AN ADDICTION TO THESE THINGS KIDS!!!!

      Erm… Excuse an old man for reminiscing fondly then degenerating into an inane babbling rant. ^^;

      Guh… Not even that old… Where’s my self-value…? >.<

      • Silvachief says:

        An Otaku with money is a wonderful thing, I think you mean =P

        Maybe i’m jaded and cynical, but Makina’s character didn’t really appeal to me once I was in her route properly and not just mucking around the school. It was kind of hard to take her seriously and for me the route suffered because of it. Amane’s was fine despite being 3/4 flashback without the protagonist involved at all, and Sachi’s was alright. Michiru’s is the only one i’ve been really interested in though.

        I hear about Steins;Gate all the time so I figure it would be a good idea to get into it sooner rather than later. As for Extra, it’s no problem that you didn’t realize. My laptop’s getting a little older but I can still run all the new games, even if not on the highest settings. As for video games on my list it’s just a question of what I feel like playing…there are too many sitting around in my backlog to mention them all. I definitely preferred the 360 last gen but Microsoft has made too many mistakes this generation and Sony has just got better exclusives overall (with the Japanese market in their pocket). I don’t actually have a new console yet, unfortunately. I mainly stick with single player stuff but enjoy multiplayer from time-to-time; I just don’t get as into it as most people.

        I had a pretty enthusiastic recommendation of Comyu, which is why it’s on the list. I personally find that enforced play-order VNs have the strongest story, so i’m not especially worried about that. Choosing pathways doesn’t make a huge difference to me in most cases.

        I swear, man, you just listed every single translation i’m waiting for. I’ve been dying to play Seinarukana since finishing Aselia, which was my first ever visual novel. Of course i’m also looking forward to when all of the Muv-Luv stuff has been translated and Majikoi has been on my radar for a while (also waiting for the full translation…not gonna bother with a partial patch). I’m also waiting for Mahoutsukai no Yoru and Kourin no Machi, Lavender no Shoujo as well as the sequel to Dangan Ronpa which is getting an official translation. I don’t have a Vita though, so I have no idea when i’ll be able to play it.

        Light Novels are something I don’t really have an opinion on yet. I’ve only read a few but nothing has really grabbed me yet. Part of that is poor translation quality and part of it is lack of availability…i’m not a fan of reading stories on screens unless they’re visual novels. Having said that, the description of the light novel you linked made me chuckle effortlessly and sounds pretty interesting; the reviews are also pretty impressive. I think the ability to indulge in your hobbies without letting it affect your work is an important one. I doubt many people would be happy with an obviously Otaku doctor, in my case XD

        It’s pretty impressive that you managed to get yourself into that sort of state! I’ll admit there have been nights where I simply haven’t been able to stop reading, but i’ve never had my health affected >.<

      • Silvachief says:

        Also, if you’re keen to discuss more stuff then i’m more than happy for you to email me (contact stuff is under the “About” tab) so that we don’t clog up the comments too much ^_^

        • Shinygami says:

          Sure! Honestly I was wondering when someone was going to say this was getting out of hand.

          Just to wrap up one or two important points quickly and succinctly though, High School was a problem period of my life, and I’m actually always pretty much a failure at sleep unless I’m exhausted. My mind tends to go three thousand miles a second with thoughts I should NOT have in bed. Existential thinking is soooooo fun when you’re trying to sleep. *Deadpan*

          And that phone thing was not to say I don’t buy light novels when given the opportunity. Unless it’s a visual novel, my highest preference is always paper media. I actually own a physical copy of All You Need is Kill, and SAO’s first volume, and am planning to order volume two since BaM doesn’t usually stock light novels in-store in my area. But thanks to SAO and Accel World, the light novel’s sails are catching wind a little more in America.

          I’ll continue the rest of the conversation via mail later today when I get off work.

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