[Anime Music Spotlight]: K-On! (Afterschool Tea Time) – Fuwa Fuwa Time

Despite all of the new songs i’ve been picking up we’re back to K-On!. Of the songs I liked from the series, Fuwa Fuwa Time is my third favorite and might be the last one I decide to share, as the others just don’t have the same impact.

Though it may not be the original, I subscribe to the Mio version of the song, so it’s the one i’ll be linking to here. It’s an insert song, so no opening or ending sequences this time around.

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3 Responses to [Anime Music Spotlight]: K-On! (Afterschool Tea Time) – Fuwa Fuwa Time

  1. This is one of the better songs from K-ON imo. And Mio’s voice is pretty rad (:

    • Silvachief says:

      Which ones are your favorites? I think the only songs I have with Yui singing are the ones that don’t have a Mio version XD

      • Uh well I’m sorry to say, but I haven’t seen K-ON! in forever, and when I did, I didn’t even like it, so honestly the only song I remember is this one (cause I heard it on your blog :P), and “Don’t say lazy” the ending theme. The ED was alright, but most of the music in the show simply didn’t appeal to me .. (‘:

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