[VN Music Spotlight]: Deardrops – My Dear Stardust

And here we are, the last of the Deardrops songs i’m going to share. My Dear Stardust is an insert song played during Deardrops’ True Route during one of its major climaxes. It’s pretty important.

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4 Responses to [VN Music Spotlight]: Deardrops – My Dear Stardust

  1. christopher says:

    Cool song, I like the violin in rock. Already got a copy of Another ready to go but I really want to watch it with Hayley because she brought up watching it ages ago but barely has time to sit down for it lately. I’ve gotten a ways into War of Flowers recently as well, and I’m making a refined compilation of the funniest collection of the amvhell clips. I’ll send it to you when i’m done.

    • Silvachief says:

      I completely agree with you there. More rock bands need a violinist.
      Let me know what you guys think of it once you’ve watched it; there aren’t very many horror anime but Another does a good job of it, even if it’s a bit light.
      I’m reading the Codex Alera series again and it’s just a good the second time round. After this i’ll finish the Chris Wooding series and then have another look to see if there’s a Brandon Sanderson book available.
      I look forward to the clip!

  2. lifesongsoa says:

    I love this song. Can we have more Dear Drops yet?

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