[Anime Music Spotlight]: Hyouka – Yasashisa no Ryuu

So I ended up dropping Hyouka just a few episodes before it finished; it simply wasn’t holding my attention. However, it would be extremely remiss of me not to share one of the most visually striking opening sequences i’ve seen in a while.

Yasashisa no Ryuu is Hyouka’s first OP and it fits astonishingly well with what the series is all about. It’s also a pretty good song in itself.

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9 Responses to [Anime Music Spotlight]: Hyouka – Yasashisa no Ryuu

  1. Lambda says:

    I like this song quite a bit. I also liked Hyouka quite a bit. I find it’s hard to get mysteries right for me when it comes to mystery anime/manga; they’re either too hard such that they can’t be solved without technical knowledge (Detective Conan for me), or too easy that I get it within 5 minutes (Gosick for me). I found Hyouka had a happy medium that I found were solvable but you solved it basically right when Houtarou got it, or that his explanations made complete sense using only the information provided. Plus, people made great analysis posts for it. Although I also watched it with a friend, and I think she ended up doing exactly what you did…. I guess it’s harder to do mysteries without stakes.

    When it comes to the openings, I found the second opening’s concept to be cooler but the first one’s song to be better.

    • Silvachief says:

      You might be right when you say its the lack of stakes that didn’t work (for me, at least). I found that I wasn’t really interested in what was going on, so attempting to solve the mysteries didn’t appeal to me. If I were to pick a “right” level of difficulty for mysteries, Dangan Ronpa (the game) is probably where I would start. I found that I thought of all the critical details but missed just one or two other important ones that kept the reveal of what had happened fresh.

      I agree with you there. I haven’t held onto the second OP but I do think it fit the show even better than the first.

  2. I’m sorry you didn’t like Hyouka ): It’s a beautiful show, in animation and execution. But I guess it can get a little dull to people who favour action and/or humour anime. Personally, I’m a massive fan, not because of the mystery solving, but because of how it tells such a wonderful coming-of-age story (as shown in the magnificent OP as well!)

    • Silvachief says:

      It was put together really well, I have to admit. Small things like the pendulum of a clock turning into a love heart in the background when the characters were talking about love were very cool. I think i’m gradually learning that I only like specific types of slice of life; i’m watching Kokoro Connect right now which is mostly slice of life with a twist and i’m really enjoying it. Other shows just don’t hook me, unfortunately >.<

  3. Rin says:

    I say that Hyouka did well in the first half of the series. Mystery and comedy, and the good balance of them each cast working together in solving mystery are nice to watch.

    It feels off at the second arc, but it did revealed a bit more about those 4 characters changes/futures which are predictable. Haha.

    • Silvachief says:

      I enjoyed the first few episodes but started to get bored when it became apparent that there wasn’t going to be any overarching story. Maybe it was because the stakes weren’t very high, or maybe because the characters didn’t change much throughout the series.

      Still, there were some good bits and the presentation of the story was great. It just didn’t capture me, unfortunately >.< I'm glad you enjoyed it though!

  4. Hyouka’s animation was awesome! And the cases were trivial but satisfying, for me I guess. 😛 Also, Whenever I see an anime which takes place at a school I think back at School Days, and feel how some anime’s can leave a scar…!

    • Silvachief says:

      School Days was…an interesting visual novel, though I haven’t seen the anime. The visuals are something I do have to praise Hyouka for, even if I wasn’t too fond of the series overall.

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