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[Anime Music Spotlight]: Angel Beats! (Girls Dead Monster) – Answer Song

It’s time once again for another Girls DeMo song! Because this one also was not featured in the Angel Beats! anime, I only have the full song to share. If you listen to Japanese music at all you’ll know that they … Continue reading

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[Visual Novel Review]: Icebound

 Developer – Fastermind Games Length – 2-10 Hours Version Played – No Voice-Acting Patch Steam Greenlight Page Here  [Review copy of Icebound kindly provided by Fastermind Games]  [Fastermind Games has had no input into the content of this review]  One thing … Continue reading

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[Anime Review]: Oreimo (Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai)

Director: Hiroyuki Kanbe Writer (of original novel): Tsukasa Fushimi Animation Studios: AIC Build Version Watched: Subbed I remember when the internet exploded over Oreimo’s ending. There were a few possibilities for what could have happened that would have at least … Continue reading

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[Anime Music Spotlight]: Toradora – Silky Heart

Silky Heart is Toradora’s second OP. I can’t say that I love it but I do love the series it comes from so it’s worth the share. Now, if you’ll excuse me, i’m going to go back and re-watch the entire show.

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[Anime Music Spotlight]: Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo – Prime number ~Kimi to Deaeru Hi~

It’s time for Sakurasou’s second visit to the Music Spotlight and this time around I have its second ED to share. Prime Number’s visuals aren’t particularly flashy but the song itself is well worth listening to. We’re getting back to … Continue reading

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[Video Game Meta Review]: Ys Series (Ys I & II Chronicles + The Ark of Napishtim)

Developer – Nihon Falcom Corporation Publisher – XSEED Games, Konami Platforms – PSP, PC  After having finished Ys: The Oath in Felghana (review here) I felt compelled to find out more about the Ys series, so over the past few … Continue reading

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[Anime Music Spotlight]: Sword Art Online – Crossing Field…I mean Overfly…I mean…

This week I had decided that I wanted to post Sword Art Online’s first OP, Crossing Field. However, while the English version, metal version, nightcore version, trumpet version, male version, Spanish version, drum version and piano version are all easily … Continue reading

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