[Anime Music Spotlight]: Angel Beats! (Girls Dead Monster) – Answer Song

It’s time once again for another Girls DeMo song! Because this one also was not featured in the Angel Beats! anime, I only have the full song to share.

If you listen to Japanese music at all you’ll know that they like to throw in random English words and phrases, which is usually something I can’t stand because most of the time the pronunciation is horrifically mangled. That’s not a problem with Answer Song because the English is so badly mangled that it sounds like Japanese. In fact, until I looked up the lyrics I hadn’t even thought it contained any English!

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8 Responses to [Anime Music Spotlight]: Angel Beats! (Girls Dead Monster) – Answer Song

  1. Lambda says:

    Answer Song makes me think of Answer. Kimi ga nozomu subete gaaaaaaaaa. I have to admit, though, I prefer Lisa’s post-Angel Beats body of work. Stuff like Oath Sign and Crossing Field are just a lot more fun… While marina appears to have sung very few songs in the mean time (there are those songs she did for a Lass game and that song she did for Deco27 and…?), Lisa’s really become popular.

    • Silvachief says:

      In the past I think I may have legitimately confused the two songs >.> According to my iTunes (because I can’t think for myself), i’m a massive fan of a lot of the Girls DeMo songs. Oath Sign and Crossing Field are both fantastic as well.
      Lisa I know of, which means she must be pretty popular, but I hadn’t heard of Marina before reading your comment XD

      • Lambda says:

        Hearing Lisa sing Answer might have been interesting~
        According to my iTunes, I’m meh to most Girls DeMo songs… I haven’t really listened to them since Angel Beats stopped airing. I think I’ve listened to Oath Sign the most out of the options…
        Yup. It’s sad, I find marina’s voice a lot better than Lisa’s. Even in Angel Beats!

  2. Lazarinth says:

    P-kew. Was lucky enough to come across this the other day. They’re called Babymetal and all I have to say is that I really like the mix. I download this whole concert and it’s all pretty decent.

    Also Ufotable are doing a heaven feel film after their unlimited blade work series, so I wasn’t to far off my guess that they would adapt that story as well.

    • Silvachief says:

      I remember being shown them a while ago and at the time I wasn’t sure whether it was a parody group or a legitimate group XD I’ll probably take a look at some of their non-live stuff and see if there’s anything I want. It may just be out of range of what I like.
      I saw that announcement as well. I’ll be interested to see what they do with it.

      • Lazarinth says:

        Surprising, sounded similar to the stuff you generally like. Have you been watching the new Fate as it’s been coming out? It’s really good, first few episodes blew me away with the nostalgia of the original VN music they use.

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