[Anime Music Spotlight]: Sword Art Online – Memory Heart Message

Alright. Now that i’m finally over my failure to post a Sword Art Online song a few weeks ago it’s time to share a song that captures me whenever I listen to it.

Memory Heart Message wasn’t actually featured in the anime and therefore does not have an accompanying opening or ending sequence. I first ran into the song over on Sleeping Geeks when it first started and i’m so very glad I did because it’s now one of my favorites.

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2 Responses to [Anime Music Spotlight]: Sword Art Online – Memory Heart Message

  1. Daniel Hayden says:

    The lyrics and the music is just so inspiring and moving. Sachi’s character song really is the best! 😀 Also, she was the one who pushed Kirito to do everything he did afterwards. Because before, he only wanted to look out for himself, which was understandable of course. But Sachi and the rest of that guild really changed him, and after that he kept thinking back to them and remembering how happy they all were together, and how he (unintentionally) took that all away from them! I really wish Sachi wouldn’t have died. 🙂

    • Silvachief says:

      I completely agree =)
      Length-wise it’s a pretty small part of the anime but it’s still and important one that shapes a lot of what happens later on. It’s the first event that really brings home the fact that people will die and never come back while playing the game, and you can see the effect that has on the remaining member. Add into that the message Kirito receives afterwards and…well, you know.
      It’s a song I love listening to 😉

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