The Inspector Green Tag Questionnaire

Detective Green

He’s a detective, and there’s green. It fits, right?!

Well, it’s that time of year again. I’ve been tagged by blogger Kai over at Deluscar to take The Inspector Green Tag Questionnaire along with Overlord-G at The Yuri Nation and Lazarinth at Fantasy & Anime. I don’t know where it comes from, or even if that’s the right terminology, but here we go!

1. When was the last time you went to a store containing anime?

A few weeks ago I went to JB Hi-Fi, an electronics store, which technically counts though I usually buy my anime online. There’s another shop I visit occasionally by the name of Pulsar Max which stocks manga, figures and trading cards like Weiss Schwarz, which I would say is more what this question is after despite not actually selling anime.

2. Do you usually watch anime online? On what website?

I’m an offline kind of guy. If figure that if it’s going to eat up my download limit (yes, we’re still capped here) I may as well be able to watch it whenever I want and not have to worry about waiting for the stream to load, watching ads and all that fun stuff.

3. First Japanese word you learned from an anime?

That’s a tough one. Kai went with baka, which is probably pretty likely. Just to be different, i’ll pick Sumimasen/Gomen nasai for all of those protagonists apologizing for things they probably shouldn’t have been blamed for in the first place!

Detective Green1

They…probably deserve it in this case, though.

4. Best animation style in your opinion?

Give me a second to go and read my own reviews XD For this question I do have to agree with Kai. P.A. Works is my favorite with Ufotable coming in at a close second. Nagi no Asukara, Another and Canaan are all great examples of fantastic visual style for the former, while the latter can boast works such as Fate/Zero and…well, Fate/Stay Night (the latest of which I have yet to see).

5. Best anime pet?

This is a long shot because he’s originally from a video game but I have to go with Repede from Tales of Vesperia: The First Strike. He’s absolutely wonderful in both puppy and dog forms.

Detective Green2

Detective Green 3

6. What is the longest anime you’ve ever watched?

Long ago, it has been recorded in the annals of time that one Silvachief did watch the first iteration of Naruto in its entirety. There’s a footnote, too, which mentions he’s not sure whether he could ever do it again.

I’ve mostly stayed away from longer anime because they’re a massive time commitment if you want to get through the whole thing. I could see myself getting a little way into a series, dropping it, and never coming back because I don’t remember what happened. I watched a little bit of Shippuden and was soon bored of it, same with Bleach, and Gintama only lasted a few episodes (I may have to give it another go at some point, considering its score on MAL). I’d like to watch Fairy Tail though, as well as HuterxHunter and Hitman Reborn.

7. What is the shortest anime you’ve ever watched?

That’d be Black Rock Shooter. It has a movie and an 8 episode series. It wasn’t fantastic but i’d say it was worth watching, with the series being a bit better than the movie in my opinion.

8: What is your Favorite anime couple?

Hm. There are only really two contenders for this one for me. While Angel and Otonashi from Angel Beats come close, they lose out to Taiga and Ryuuji from Toradora, because of that crap Angel pulls in the former series’ final episode.

I’ll include an honorable mention for Kujo and Victorique from Gosick.



And…that’s it. I’m told that I have to nominate 3 more bloggers to answer the same questions, namely:

1. When was the last time you went to a store containing anime?
2. Do you usually watch anime online? On what website?
3. First Japanese word you learned from an anime?
4. Best animation style in your opinion?
5. Best anime pet?
6. What is the longest anime you’ve ever watched?
7. What is the shortest anime you’ve ever watched?
8: What is your Favorite anime couple?

So look out for posts by:

Wakai over at YouthfulLaughter

Frog-kun over at Fantastic Memes


Moonlitasteria at his blog of the same name

Detective Green 4


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25 Responses to The Inspector Green Tag Questionnaire

  1. Yurippe for life!

    Black Rock Shooter also has a PSP game btw. I played like 3 hours of it. It’s good. Too bad I got a Vita and thus never went back to my PSP.

    • Also. I just realized I never put my alias for my blog. :T
      Blog’s “Youthful Laughter.” Name’s Wakai. Sups.

      • Silvachief says:

        Name changed!
        I’m pretty glad you brought up that PSP game, since i’ve been looking for more portable titles to try out ^_^

        • Wakai says:

          It’s a weird mix between a shooter and rpg. Took some getting used to but it’s a pretty fun formula. I didn’t get hooked because I knew nothing of the universe; the only reason I know about BRS is because of the band who sang the title for the anime, One Ok Rock.

          • Silvachief says:

            I’m guessing it has very little to do with the anime, considering the genre. The show itself doesn’t have a huge amount to do with the character Black Rock Shooter (or at least the good parts don’t), in my opinion. If you ever feel like watching it, I preferred the series over the movie.

            • Lazarinth says:

              I’ve just finished Arpeggio of Blue Steel and having seen only parts of Black Rock Shooter they both seem to have the magical girl climax in an odd alternative 3D-esque reality. Not if sure if should watch it as well but I’ll go into Apreggio more in my next email.

              • Silvachief says:

                I’m not sure how magical girls relate to Arpeggio, so i’m wondering if you have the right anime name there (unless you’re referring to the nano-particle effects at the end which are fairly similar, I suppose =P). Black Rock Shooter’s high points aren’t about its action, but i’ll cover that in the emails as well.

          • Kai says:

            I actually didn’t like it very much. Some had to do with my expectations, I think, since I went in expecting full action-orientated game. Even so, I think I probably will still don’t like it much. The dodging mechanics especially, is kinda wonky.

  2. Frog-kun says:

    Thanks for tagging me! I’ll start working on a post soon.

    You sat through all 100+ episodes of Naruto filler? You’re a tenacious soul.

  3. Kai says:

    “The Inspector Green Tag Questionnaire. I don’t know where it comes from, or even if that’s the right terminology”
    If you’re including all that as the full terminlogy, it’s probably a good idea to remove the “Questionnaire”, lol (and hopefully people who were tagged are able to see this comment). Think it wasn’t there in the previous posts or podcast when I googled.

    “Long ago, it has been recorded in the annals of time that one Silvachief did watch the first iteration of Naruto in its entirety. There’s a footnote, too, which mentions he’s not sure whether he could ever do it again.”
    For me, I cheated. When those hordes of fillers came out, I literally just skip everything, so I was able to use my time on other anime :p Basically did the same thing for Bleach and One Piece too.

    I luckily kept up with Fairy Tail first season before it went on hiatus, so now I’m just waiting for more episodes before marathoning it like a madman again. And yea, I’m thinking of watching the new Hunter X Hunter soon too, though I did watched the old version before, not sure if I want to rewatch those episodes again in the new Hunter X Hunter or skip right to the new arcs.

    And I’m surprised I didn’t think of Taiga and Ryuuji when answering the 8th question, lol. Though my mind’s been infected with yuri recently.

    • Silvachief says:

      I added the “questionnaire” part so people would know what the post was about, since Inspector Green doesn’t really tell you anything XD

      That was before I had really started watching anime. I first watched .Hack//SIGN and Berserk and then Naruto, so I wasn’t really aware of what filler was and didn’t have much to compare it to. At the time I didn’t find it to be much of a problem but now I think it would be a different story.

      Taiga and Ryuuji should always be in the back of your mind. It’s practically mandatory =P

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  6. Overlord-G says:

    10 points for mentioning the BRS stuff.
    Haven’t seen Toradora.
    Naruto was on TV so I didn’t have trouble with the filler arcs, mainly because some of them gave me nice stuff.
    Downloaders unite!
    Angel Beats is love.
    Still waiting for PS3 Vesperia’s English patch.

    • Silvachief says:

      BRS had a lot of good stuff in it. In fact, I should probably re-watch it to decide whether it deserves a recommendation.
      Toradora is wonderful once you get into it. Negligible yuri content though, if I remember correctly =P
      I was too young to know better…though even now i’d be worried about missing something important if I didn’t watch them. The comedy episodes could be hilarious.
      I’m one of those people that says i’ll purchase the series I like if they’re ever officially translated, but doesn’t have the funds to do so XD So yeah, it’ll be downloads for the forseeable future.
      Angel Beats is life.
      I saw that a patch was being done but it looks like slow going. I hope you get to play it before too long!

      • Overlord-G says:

        I did and it was as gloriously insane as the last time I saw both. So awesome.

        I know Toradora is universally revered but I guess I could pick it up and review it on Anime Island at some point.

        Most shounen are like that. Before Dragonball Z Kai showed up…the filler I had to endure during reruns just to get to the good stuff.

        You and me both dood.

        AB is that good.

        PS3 Vesperia is one of the few Japanese PS3 games I would consider importing solely because of the patch. I want some Judith goodness!

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  8. miharusshi says:

    Yeah, give Gintama a second chance! Katekyo Hitman Reborn seems to be the more under-appreciated work among those long shounen series, but I prefer it over Naruto and Bleach. It was very enjoyable and didn’t run out of surprises as far as battles and superpowers are concerned, although some of its main cast are pretty forgettable, in my opinion.

    • Silvachief says:

      That’s the plan. The issue was that I started watching it with a group that…never really happened again XD Hitman Reborn is probably behind Fairy Tail on my list, mostly because I have no idea what it’s about (I suppose I -could- look it up). My flatmates were pretty crazy about it though, so it will happen someday.

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