[VN Music Spotlight]: Comyu – Inner Rain

To begin with, i’d like to offer a massive round of applause to visual novel companies for generally being awesome with not taking down their OP and ED sequences from Youtube. I know that free advertising for your product is a foreign concept to anime studios, so i’m glad to see that some companies have common sense. [/cynicism]

I promise i’ll stop being sore about Youtube’s takedown policies next week.

Anyways, this week we have Inner Rain which is Comyu’s first OP. I’m a little on the fence about whether i’m going to keep the full song on my playlist but the opening itself does a pretty good job of getting you motivated for the story.

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13 Responses to [VN Music Spotlight]: Comyu – Inner Rain

  1. Lambda says:

    Opening 2 > Opening 1. I also liked Run! and Live in Despair.
    (Kagome best girl, probably. Although I could probably be swayed on that easily. Akihito x King 5ever into the sunset if you don’t ship it you’re wrong.)

    • Silvachief says:

      You’re probably right, though I don’t have the song for whatever reason. I’ll have to go and listen to it again.

      I’m apparently wrong, then. Benio Best Girl, though. I’m not enough of a masochist to give Kagome my vote.

      • fire says:

        Benio? That’s like having Shirou Emiya as a heroine. Kagome, on the other hand, fought through the mental representation of all the people she had ever killed just to get back to you. Recant your heresy!

        But yeah, the music was very good, and very fitting (Run, especially). Live in Despair was probably my favourite though:


        It’s true that Gasai could have been used so much more. He’s infinitely more interesting than the likes of Ayayayayayaya and Mayuki.

        • Silvachief says:

          Benio’s more down to Earth than Shirou, I think. Even within the series she reflects upon he values and beliefs and what they mean to her. She’s genuine, and that’s why she’s Best Girl. Kagome…well, she’s a bitch. I’m not M enough for her XD

          Comyu probably wins my award for Best Music I Wouldn’t Listen To Outside of the Visual Novel. It had some great tracks, some of which I felt were quite similar to Persona 3’s, though after playing I didn’t feel compelled to go away and get copies for my itunes library. I did quite like Live in Despair, though, so I may listen to it a few times and see if it grows on me enough to add.

      • fire says:

        Made a mistake linking the whole playlist. This is Live in Despair

        I’ve always liked the two mirroring scenes in the bridge – very poetic, and harking back to comyu’s favourite theme about the distance between people.

  2. rikuo06 says:

    Many VN companies upload their OP sequences on their YouTube channels themselves, in addition to having them available for download on their websites. They indeed function as advertisements, after all, most of them are essentially just fancily animated slideshows of game sprites and CGs. However, uploading the full versions is still pretty much piracy.

    • Silvachief says:

      Yeah, you’re right, I have no argument I can make against the companies (anime or VN) that take down the full versions of their OPs/EDs. Their advertising value is probably very low and they stand to make money by selling soundtracks.
      Still, it’s frustrating to be unable to find the videos I want to share with others and there isn’t really any excuse for taking down the TV versions, which a lot of studios seem to do.

  3. fire says:

    You may know about this already, but Looseboy’s new VN Boku no Hitori Sensou came out recently.

    Looks excellent, storywise. Aruha’s art has also improved a lot since the days of Sharin – looks unbelievably sleek. Music, according to Moogy, is fantastic (and he thinks GSM’s was shit, so I dunno, maybe BnHS’s is like the second coming of Mozart or something).

    The raw first press edition VN is already available for torrenting on sukebei.nyaa.se – praise be to the gods of piracy. I think I’ll try out the first part to the common route (what was released for the trial), in Japanese, come July. I have no hope of this being translated. How about you?

    • Silvachief says:

      I’ve seen it, though I try not to think too hard about Japanese releases because thinking about how long any translations will take gets me depressed XD Quasi-jokes aside, it does look pretty good and I look forward to when we can read it (so…about 2020, I estimate). G-Senjou’s music was pretty good it my opinion, so i’m not sure how much I trust this Moogy person (of course, I have no musical talent myself).

      As for the prospects of it being translated…the lack of translations following G-Senjou and Sharin is concerning but i’d like to think someone will pick it up eventually. I’d want my Japanese reading ability to be leagues better than it is now before I subjected an Akabei Soft work to my own translation!

      • fire says:

        Yep, there are limitless moege to practice on first 🙂

        How’s Ayakashibito? It looks solid, and Hanachirasu has made me want to try another swordfighting related VN.

        • Silvachief says:

          In short, it was thoroughly enjoyable for the most part but was let down by its endings. I was really disappointed in the end but I can’t deny that I’m glad I played it…one of the few VNs where the slice of life was better than the action! Review’s written but I have quite a few VN articles lined up. Throw me an email if you’d like early access ^_^

          • fire says:

            Finished Kikokugai. 7/10. Good enough, I suppose – decent entertainment, and very Urobuchi in characterization and themes. Definitely didn’t come even close to Hanachirasu’s excellence, though they’re often mentioned together as Nitroplus’s two short VNs with similarly dark atmospheres.

            I’m thinking of finishing one more short VN this weekend/next week, since my university term ends the next Friday, and I can finally get to reading something longer like Umineko.

            Killer Queen is… okay? Dropped it to start Kikokugai, which says a lot, I think. Thinking of downloading Eden – the production values and art look out of the world. Would you recommend Alice in Dissonance’s Fault One? I’m somewhat wary of OEVLNs, especially since Fault apparently has literal faults with grammar and the like.

            • Silvachief says:

              I actually just started reading Eden with Kai and I can say it’s worthwhile. I’m enjoying it more than Ef but that’s not quite a stunning recommendation. I’ll let you know how I found it once I finish. Fault One had a interesting world with a relatively unique story and execution on the better side of average. I liked it enough that I plan to play the sequel but recognise that it is by no means a masterpiece. I would have to go back and nitpick to find grammar issues. Also, it’s not an OELVN, having been made by a Japanese team.

              If you’re at all interested in OELVNs, I found Rising Angels to be relatively entertaining for its short length. It doesn’t compare to Japanese visual novels but i’d call it a good palate cleanser before starting something big. It’s free, too.

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