[Announcement]: A Brief Hiatus Mk. II


Three Things:

1. I will not be in a position to post reviews for the next 2 weeks.

2. I will not be anywhere near as warm as the person in the above picture.

3. I will not be as female as the person in the picture, either.

P.S. Is that a giant penguin?

About Silvachief

I'm a Gamer that dabbles in a little bit of everything. I'm big on Video Games, Visual Novels, Anime, Books and TV Series, but there's more to me than just those!
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18 Responses to [Announcement]: A Brief Hiatus Mk. II

  1. Overlord-G says:

    Good luck dood and see you when you get back.

  2. Lambda says:

    Well dammit, Silvachief, if you’re not gonna be as female as the person in the picture, why not a picture of a hot guy in a bathing suit on the beach?

    Seriously, though, good luck/have fun with the next two weeks!

    P.S. The penguin might be a train/artificial…? I see tracks…

    • Silvachief says:

      My apologies; I did try -really- hard to get in character for this post but it ended up not working out and it was too late to change to picture. I shall try harder next time.

      Good spotting! I now realize that’s meant to be some sort of public transport shelter rather than a random floating shack =P

  3. Lazarinth says:

    Wait, you’re gonna be back for Easter, right?

  4. fire says:

    Vacation? Exams?

    Either way, enjoy yourself! VNs and anime don’t run away at least, thankfully

    • Silvachief says:

      On placement at another hospital, which I actually prefer to my usual one.

      Not doing so much VN reading at the moment, but I got Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya and half of Trigun before starting Fairy Tail last night (figure I won’t run out of that at any point XD). Also playing F.E.A.R. 2 and Telltale’s The Wolf Among Us, so i’m pretty set for entertainment ^_^

      • fire says:

        Finally started Umineko the week before, but dropped it yesterday after Episode 2.

        It’s strange – I enjoyed EP1 very much, but EP2 was just more of the same – which is frustrating, especially since (according to reviews) this continues all the way till the end, with no satisfactory answers. As a discussion of the nature of truth, of rational versus supernatural explanation, it works – but as story in the battle of wits genre I think I really resent it – it positively delights in making no rational sense, which unfortunately for me is a dealbreaker as far as plots go.

        Don’t think I’ll be assigning a rating – initially I was thinking of considering it partly-read and rating it anyway (probably 8-9, just for EP1), since I’ve done the same for VNs like Fate and KS (with only some routes read). But in the end, for Umineko, it’s more of me dropping it (out of dissatisfaction) than simply declining to read the other routes after having successfully completed a full route that brings with it closure.


        • Silvachief says:

          I’ll agree that going from the end of episode one’s pace to starting all over again with episode two was a little jarring (much like in Higurashi), though i’m finding it tough to remember exactly how I felt at the end of each episode. Either way, I enjoyed the first four and then the latter half ruined it all for me so I can’t fault you for dropping out earlier. A lot of what frustrated you also got to me but I was enjoying myself enough, and i’d heard enough about how “good” Umineko was, that I was determined to finish the whole novel.

          I actually started Dengeki Stryker again to check out the expansion content and i’m enjoying the read. It’s a lot shorter than I remember!

          • fire says:

            Dengeki Stryker? Heh. It’s what we have to read until Baldr Sky gets translated/we get good enough to read in Japanese.

            How has placement been? Having seen working life as a doctor, how do you find it?

            • Silvachief says:

              It’s been nice retreading old ground and i’m now up to the new stuff. Expect a review eventually. Definitely keen for Baldr Sky.

              Placement was…okay, I guess. I had a LOT of time off (without a reliable internet connection =/) but that meant I wasn’t learning a whole lot. I think it’s very hard to pass judgement on the working life of a doctor from a student’s perspective. In addition to ward rounds, being grilled about things we haven’t studied or been taught and frantically firing off assignments isn’t fun. My medical school is pretty poorly run (not that they’ll admit to it), so my current opinion is that life will be a little better once I don’t have arbitrary tasks sitting over my head. I’m looking at getting into either General Practice or Psychiatry at the moment.

  5. Kai says:

    Nice. Should I wait with my eden review? I’m actually done by now, just need some pictures and some editing.

    • Kai says:

      Wait, I’m sorry. Not sure why I said “nice”, I’m not happy you’re gone. Honest!

      • Silvachief says:

        Now I know how you REALLY feel! *runs away crying*
        No need to wait at all. If you feel like a simultaneous release though, I can do mine next Sunday (22nd March).

        • Kai says:

          Nah, I was just appreciating your sense of humor (I think :p). Okay that’s fine, I’ll wait. Technically I haven’t finished yet anyway.

          • Silvachief says:

            I haven’t finished the Plus Mosaic stuff either but it’s just H-scenes, right? I probably won’t specifically review it.

            • Kai says:

              I mean I technically haven’t finish the review but I finished the visual novel including the Plus Mosaic scenes, lol. And yea, it’s all just H-scenes, but if you feel that some heroines are kinda “under-loved”, like Lavie or Maya, their sub-routes are good, but still doesn’t really impact the main storyline in any way.

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