[Anime Music Spotlight]: Uchouten Kazoku (Eccentric Family) – Uchouten Jinsei (And Our 200th Blog Post!)

Woah! 200 Posts! I didn’t even notice until I had completed posting this article. Once again, a massive thank you to everyone who keeps coming back to The Geek Clinic!

A few weeks ago I watched a show called Uchouten Kazoku, which i’d heard about a long time ago and only just gotten around to watching. I probably won’t review it but I can happily say here that it was…well, it was different to the norm and that alone nearly makes it worth watching. I had a pretty enjoyable time with it even if it often didn’t make sense, so i’ll be throwing it up on The Geek Clinic’s recommendations list when I’m able to.

Anyway, Uchouten Jinsei is Uchouten Kazoku’s OP and does a pretty good job of summarizing the overall feel of the series. If you like the OP, you’ll probably like Uchouten Kazoku.

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