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[Announcement]: Official Muv Luv and Muv Luv Alternative Localizations

Hey folks. If you’ve been reading for a while you’ll know that i’m not one for sharing news…but this is big. Japanese company Degica (probably best known in the West as publisher of the RPGMaker software) has announced plans to … Continue reading

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Sunshine Blog Award – Yet MORE Questions From Another Blogger

Looks like it’s that time of year again, when various colorfully-named awards sprout up around the blogosphere. Nobody has any idea where they’ve come from, but we humor them anyway! This time around The Geek Clinic has been nominated for … Continue reading

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[Anime Music Spotlight]: Binbougami ga! – Make My Day!

Binbougami ga! was a…unique anime and its OP is no different. I’m not going to review the series but i’ll certainly say it was an interesting experience that I won’t soon forget (which isn’t a recommendation, mind). While i’m not … Continue reading

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[Anime Movie Review]: Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo (Children who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below)

Director: Makoto Shinkai Writer: Makoto Shinkai Animation Studios: CoMix Wave Films Version Watched: Subbed Whenever you talk about Japanese animated films, Studio Ghibli is inevitably mentioned. Their best movies all appeal to their audience’s sense of childlike wonder, with characters … Continue reading

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[Anime Music Spotlight]: Fairy Tail – Egao no Mahou

So I stopped watching Fairy Tail around episode 70 because I was starting to get tired of it. The characters are fun but there’s very little change in the structure of the story arcs over time, so i’ve decided to … Continue reading

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[Visual Novel Review]: Rising Angels: Reborn

Developer – IDHAS Studios Publisher – IDHAS Studios and Sekai Project Length – 2-10 Hours Original English Language Visual Novels (OELVNs for short) are an up-and-coming group of titles that haven’t yet been able to really make their mark on … Continue reading

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[Anime Music Spotlight]: Golden Time

Golden Time is good and you should watch it. Yes, there’ll be a review, but why wait? In any case, Golden Time is (perhaps inevitably) the show’s first OP. To begin with I wasn’t too impressed but it slowly grew … Continue reading

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[Anime Review]: Mirai Nikki (Future Diary)

Director: Naoto Hosoda Writer (of original manga): Sakae Esuno Animation Studios: Asread Version Watched: Subbed [Note: Mirai Nikki is almost definitely for mature audiences only. You have been warned.] It’s the bottom of the ninth, the bases are loaded and … Continue reading

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[Anime Music Spotlight]: Noragami – Heart Realize

Will there be a Noragami review? I haven’t decided yet. Is it worth watching? While I would say I recommend it overall, it falls into the category of fun while it lasts but forgettable. Still, there’s a second season in … Continue reading

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