[Anime Music Spotlight]: Fairy Tail – Egao no Mahou

So I stopped watching Fairy Tail around episode 70 because I was starting to get tired of it. The characters are fun but there’s very little change in the structure of the story arcs over time, so i’ve decided to give it a rest.

Regardless, the show had a pretty fantastic musical component. This week i’d like to share its fifth opening, Egao no Mahou, which I absolutely love for its strong vocals.

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10 Responses to [Anime Music Spotlight]: Fairy Tail – Egao no Mahou

  1. almostNEET says:

    So did you finish the Oracion arc or not? And anyway, your suffering has just begun. 😀
    This was the arc that made me realize FT follows a simple plot line where Natsu will beat the Big Bad of the arc in one vs one combat, in the end. It was still enjoyable though(I still enjoy One Piece after all). But FT really hits its lowest point during the last episode of the series in which this tendency of Natsu is taken to ridiculous levels.

    • Silvachief says:

      I watched up until Midnight was defeated and then realized that I didn’t really care what happened after that. It was fun for a while; some of the earlier arcs managed to get my heart pumping and I enjoyed the character dynamics for the most part…but it was very rinse and repeat. Natsu’s fights especially ran exactly the same way each time and that got old pretty quickly.

      But the music was good!

  2. Kai says:

    Eh, not bad. I like the OSTs more than the OPs/EDs though.

  3. Rayster says:

    This is my favorite opening so far! If you followed the Manga just this year or the Anime (prolly this month) you will find out why Natsu is like that. There’s more character development on the latest Anime Arc like Lucy and Wendy.

    • Silvachief says:

      I agree that it’s a fantastic song; makes me happy whenever it pops up on my playlist. I think for the longer series i’ve realized that I enjoy them more in small chunks, so I may yet get back to Fairy Tail in the future (but for me that latests arc is over a hundred episodes away XD).

      • Rayster says:

        Sure no problem. I’m just happy that there is someone out there who also liked this awesome song.

        Honestly when I stumbled into your site it reminded me of myself. We almost have the same taste. In Anime for example, most of your fave. are my favorites too! FMA, Code Geass, Death Note, Attack on Titan, Mirai Nikki, Magi, etc. I just started with my Visual-Novel Adventure, but most of the games I played is in the DS/3DS system. You could say I pretty much played all Ace Attorney Games, Hotel Dusk Series, 999/Last Reward hmm what did I miss? From your list I only played Danganronpa and Danganronpa 2 from PS/VITA. Your avatar even reminded me of Gundham Tanaka from DR2.

        If I had that motivation in me before, I could have made my blog more updated up to now, but thanks to you and FT I have restored that motivation back. I’ll start with FT updates for example~

        For catching up, no worries. Just enjoy every Arc of FT. I think around Grand Magic Tournament Arc, things will be a bit different up to the current arc. I also take my time before and it’s worth it! The Anime now is showing the latest Arc (my favorite so far) and of the new opening could tied up with Egao no Mahou. A duet representing NaLu~ xD

        i’m just grateful that I encounter your site. I’m thinking to revive mine. Arigatou Gozaimasu.


        • Silvachief says:

          Hey, glad to hear that you’ve gotten the desire to blog back again (and that I might have played a part in that!). Post a link here so I can drop by for a visit; It’s always good to see what people with similar tastes have enjoyed so I can find other series I might like. As far as the games/VNs go we might be a little different, though, since I wasn’t a massive fan of 999 of Ace Attorney.

          I only just noticed that resemblance myself which is unfortunate because I didn’t like Gundham as a character very much XD The avatar is actually from Dengeki Stryker, which is good fun to read.

          I was pretty darned impressed by Fairy Tail’s OPs and EDs, so it’d probably be worth picking it back up for those alone ^_^

          • Rayster says:

            Yes thanks for it xD

            I’m more of an RPG Gamer. I encounter Ace Attorney and 999 back then because of it’s interesting characters and not to mention I always see it anywhere and also a reference from Anime (NGNL).

            So you plated Danganronpa 2 already? It was a nice game continuation from the first.

            For Fairy Tail, no questions about it. Goodluck having a favorite song from it’s 20 Opening songs up to now. The latest is my favorite so far. Btw, I included my site, for now I think I need to have a blogroll plugins installed so that I can you too. ^_^

      • Rayster says:

        Ohhh I forgot to mention. You are indeed right! The show still keeps having a great and nice musical components even having an Opening 20 right now. I dunno how they do it but they manage to have more openings than Bleach and Naruto :))

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