[Anime Music Spotlight]: Love Live – Soldier Game

Last weekend I was pretty excited to see a screening of the Love Live movie at my local cinema, mostly because it’s pretty unusual to see animated films on offer but also because I wanted to see what the animation studio did with their big movie budget. Unfortunately I was ultimately disappointed by the movie because it featured some pretty average songs and didn’t do anything special with its performances (which featured CG work which really didn’t live up to my expectation and even looked kind of creepy). Even though I enjoyed the series I can’t recommend the movie.

Anyways, Soldier Game is one of the tracks I picked up from the Love Live School Idol Festival mobile game (which I can recommend). It was a bitch to 100% on hard mode, and expert is simply ridiculous.

And here’s the aforementioned game track. I prefer using my thumbs to play (as I suspect was intended), though it’s a lot harder!

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3 Responses to [Anime Music Spotlight]: Love Live – Soldier Game

  1. Lazarinth says:

    Mass Effect and Uncharted trilogies done in two days and am watching Graces F now. Nothing to say about love live that hasn’t already been said about the spice girls.

  2. Kai says:

    Yea, you mentioned about this on my blog, guess I’m glad I chose to just watch on my PC, lol. When I first tried Solider Game EX, I felt it was the hardest for me, but now, it’s okay for me (though I still can’t FC it on EX), and there are tons of songs harder than Solider Game EX. In particular, I still can’t clear any of the Super Hard songs.

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