[Anouncement]: Muv Luv Kickstarter Live and Funded! (Plus Competition)


6 hours in and the Muv Luv Kickstarter has already been funded for its $250,000 goal! My wallet’s certainly sore but the collector’s edition and plushie are going to be well worth it! Now if only the jacket weren’t so darned expensive…

The ride’s not over yet though, as the $720,000 stretch goal for the Photon Flowers/Photon Melodies localization has yet to be reached. So get on in there and support Muv Luv!

Additionally the Muv Luv team has started a competition for a fully-funded trip for two to Japan! Here’s the link.

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13 Responses to [Anouncement]: Muv Luv Kickstarter Live and Funded! (Plus Competition)

  1. Lazarinth says:

    From ‘My wallet’s certainly sore’, I am now interested how much you put into it.

    • Silvachief says:

      I dropped enough for the physical collector’s edition and plushie ($200), which means i’m eating plain rice for the next four weeks. I really wanted the jacket as well but I can’t really justify an additional $300 (that thing must be plated with gold or something =/).

  2. The temptation of the plushies claims another one. I’ll probably be donating for the $60 tier in a couple of days, but won’t mind trying to go for the $150 one. Have to calculate my expenses for next month to find out. I think the project has a good chance of reaching the $720,000 stretch goal, but if not, would like to see $500,000 for the Vita and Android editions

    • Silvachief says:

      Muv Luv is one of the few franchises that i’m borderline fanatical about, so I had no choice but to go for the physical edition. After that the plushie required only a bit more wallet-digging XD At least you’ve got 39 days to save!

      I’ll be extremely disappointed if we don’t reach the $720,000 stretch goal, as i’d rather have that than pretty much all of the other stretch goals except perhaps the first.

  3. Lambda says:

    I haven’t given yet, sadly… Debating between being cheap and going for as much as I can.. (but I want the plushie so it’s between $140-200…). It’s too bad the jackets are male designs (most of the cast is female but…!) …The plushie’s gonna be cute as hell, though! I just know it!

    Muv Luv is rather worth pouring some money into. I enjoyed it a lot and I can’t wait to see the improvements! Sounds like they’ll be improving the Engrish too. Looking forward to that! Bad English from American characters makes me angry…. And they’ll probably need more CGs to make it impressively all-ages… maybe?

    Surprised you aren’t going for the Sumika daki!

    • Silvachief says:

      I had to go for the (semi) large options because i’d kick myself if I didn’t. Years from now there’s no way i’ll remember the money I spent, but i’ll sure as hell have my plushie to show for it =P

      The $400,000 stretch goal include the addition of new CGs and music, so i’d imagine there’ll be some work going into the all-ages version there. They’ve certainly talked about redubbing Alternative’s first scene as well.

      Dakimakuras in generally have never really appealed to me, and to be honest I probably wouldn’t be comfortable showing it off at home. Besides, they’re on the expensive side as well considering they’re just pillows.

      Sad to hear there’s no female equivalent for the jacket =( You could try hitting them up of twitter to see if they’d consider adding the uniforms at the very least. I can’t see myself spending the extra on the jacket but i’ll see how the live photos turn out…I mean, I do need to buy myself an after-exam present XD

      • Lambda says:

        Yeah, but I’m not certainly I’ll like, look at the artbook after that…. So the $60 between them is what I’m trying to figure out…. But the plushie! I shall show it off to everyone…. I probably won’t act like it’s a really plushie but a decorative piece…. Hug it every once in a while tho..

        Yeah! I can’t wait! Redub go! What I hope for from the visual department is real kiss CGs for Unlimited instead of just face close-ups. That’d definitely help Alternative too, right? And I prefer kiss CGs that have scenes instead of just the face (which is what I remember?)…

        What you’re saying is that you don’t love Sumika enough, I see how it is. They’re not even the pillows, which is even more ridiculous for the price…!

        That’s true, I might try…. just something cool to wear to show my appreciation for Muv Luv would be awesome. An after-exam, pre-Tax season present for myself…. Or go the smallest size I can on the male sizes. They’re JP sizes anyway, it might just be baggy…

        • Silvachief says:

          I’m very keen to see whatever new art gets thrown our way…it’ll be interesting to see if we can figure out what’s new when we eventually play through them.

          If they’d had a Major Walken daki then maybe….

          I’m incredibly keen for the jacket, I really am, but even at its cheapest it’s $250 T_T

          • Lambda says:

            It’s a memory game! How much do we remember from the first time we played? I kinda wanna know who’d be better at that, you or me…

            Would pledge my entire bank account balance for a Major Walken daki! Best wife, best girl, would eat his bento everyday 10/10.

            …Just found out the $150 box would be signed too…. That’s tempting…. Really tempting. But yeah $250 is a looot for the jacket. Maybe. Depending how good it is. If it’s good enough for the Canadian winter? Actually not the biggest price I saw looking at jackets at the Bay website ($620 by the way). If it’s more like a hoodie… that’s a lot… And it’s probably more like a hoodie, given its counterpart.

    • Silvachief says:

      Just re-checked the campaign. At the $400,000 stretch goal we have “Minor voice acting improvements of some scenes with English voices. The voices can be switched back to original under options.”

  4. Kai says:

    You probably already know this but I won’t be donating any money for this, but know that I will always support Muv-luv from my kokoro xD

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