[VN Music Spotlight]: Eien no Aselia – Aselia the Eternal

I’ve finally written up a review for Aselia the Eternal, which happens to be the first visual novel I ever played. To celebrate my finally having gotten around to completing it for the second time I figure it’s only appropriate to grant it a place in the Music Spotlight.

This song by the same name plays during the final battle and builds up to be incredibly enjoyable.

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6 Responses to [VN Music Spotlight]: Eien no Aselia – Aselia the Eternal

  1. Lambda says:

    This song is what brought the game to my attention in the first place, so I’m glad it’s still in the English version, even if it’s not the opening there….! I still need to play this game… The gameplay part didn’t come soon enough for my teeny attention span….

    • Silvachief says:

      Because I wasn’t into Japanese music the first time around I actually forgot this song existed until earlier this year XD I recommend you give it another go! Lots of enjoyment to be had.

      So…the Muv Luv Kickstarter, huh? Darned currency conversion…

      • Lambda says:

        True, I definitely will. I don’t know what I’ll play after Amnesia, but I’m thinking either Aselia or Symphonic Rain anyway… (Cause it’s not like I’ll go back to Demonbane at this rate. Still worth $4…). I’ve heard great things about both of them and they both have gameplay, so… Would you recommend one over the other?

        The Canadian dollar is killing me right now. The $200 tier becomes $260 CAD. I can’t believe it… so I’m one of those losers waiting around to see if the codex goal is unlocked and it becomes worth it… I’m also curious about what the plushie actually looks like…. the twitter showed them designing the thing, so there should be an idea soon…! I hope. Hopefully it’s cute….

        • Silvachief says:

          Well, both Aselia and Symphonic Rain are great choices so you’ll hear no argument from me! It depends on what you feel like. Symphonic Rain has a rhythm game (which is probably worth playing on medium, from my experience) and an incredibly comfortable atmosphere mixed with the occasional emotional gut-punch. Conversely, Aselia is a heavily fantasy-focused stuck-in-another-world story with accompanying tunr-based tactics gameplay. It’s hard for me to pick one or the other, but if I had to i’d probably say Symphonic Rain has the better story. If you haven’t tried the Fault series yet i’d also recommend that.

          The Canadian dollar? Heck, the New Zealand dollar murdered me months ago. 200 USD becomes 300 NZD >.< Don't even get me started on the 89 euro board game I really want…

          Let's be honest, though, a BETA plushie is probably worth the world.

          • Lambda says:

            Hm… I’ll see what I feel like once I’ve finished, but I’m leaning towards Symphonic Rain right now…. I like rhythm games a lot more than they like me though… I’ll update you on whether I’m a scrub at this one or not. I’ll wait for the winter sale for the Fault series even though I don’t know if they’ll go on sale…. I have enough to tide me over til then, though.

            Our wallets are crying. Well, mine is, yours sounds rather dead… I’ve learned to not want things from Europe. I can’t handle that exchange rate. Why can’t our dollars be better, dammit? What board game is it…? What board game is that expensive? I saw one for $80 CAD recently and I was shocked…

            That’s true! I just want it to be as huggable as promised. I wanna hug my little terror…. That would be worth the world. I should probably just create a shelf for anime plushies…. I’m just trying to figure out whether they should be an add-on or I should go for the $200 tier. I’ll back immediately after I find out that the codex goal is reached, though.

            • Silvachief says:

              We should start a new comment tree after this XD

              It’s another Kickstarter, actually. You get quite a bit of extra content at the maximum pledge, and then have to add on another 30 euros for shipping >.<
              https://www [dot] kickstarter.com/projects/1926712971/the-7th-continent-explore-survive-you-are-the-hero

              Looking at where we are now and given we're not even half way through the campaign, the codex is a done deal ^_^

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