[Anime Music Spotlight]: Girls und Panzer – Dream Riser

While it feels like ages since I actually watched Girls und Panzer, I still listen to the two tracks I took away from it. Dream Riser is the show’s OP and I figured it would be worth sharing.

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2 Responses to [Anime Music Spotlight]: Girls und Panzer – Dream Riser

  1. These songs are worth showing!! Thank you.
    Is the show any good?

    • Silvachief says:

      As always it depends on what you’re into.

      It’s pretty novel, set in a world where operating tanks is seen as feminine and high school clubs are dedicated to the sport of “tankery”, but at the same time because of that premise it’s not particularly serious.

      Long story short, if you’re looking for a comedy series and you like the “cute girls doing cute things” anime genre then it’s an okay pick. I enjoyed watching it but wasn’t left with a lasting impression. If it doesn’t sound like your kind of thing then it can be safely avoided without missing out on anything truly amazing.

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