[Editorial]: My First Trip To Japan (Nagoya Edition, Part 1)

I spent the majority of my time in Japan in Nagoya, as I was placed in a hospital there for four weeks. I’ve got pictures from the main city as well as those of outlying villages and nearby cities within Aichi prefecture.

To start off with I have some photos of Nagakute, where I stayed when not in Tokyo or Kyoto. I’m not going to post any pictures of the hospital I was placed at but both the doctors and other students were hugely accommodating. I’ll have a separate post later on for pictures of all the food we were treated to.

Unfortunately my trip was at the beginning of Spring so I missed out on most of Japan’s beauty. Many of the areas I visited appeared relatively barren because of the large numbers of deciduous trees.


Next I have some pictures of Nagoya itself. It’s big and busy just like Tokyo though we didn’t find a whole lot of places to visit there.


We -did- visit the science museum which had a Pokemon-themed exhibit…I think every other group there had small children with them…

But they also had the world’s largest planetarium. Unfortunately I fell asleep during the show because I couldn’t understand any of the dialogue.


 In the Pokemon exhibit you were given a Pokeball and had to guess which Pokemon was in it by gathering information from various machines. You could get the height and weight of your Pokemon, or hear its cry, among other things. I ended up with a Sableye, though you didn’t get anything for guessing correctly.



Next we headed toward Nagoya Castle and encountered a shrine in the middle of the city. Shrines and temples are literally everywhere and by the end of the trip I was thoroughly shrined out.


That’s it for this post! Next time i’ll cover Nagoya Castle and more residential Japan…and more shrines…

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2 Responses to [Editorial]: My First Trip To Japan (Nagoya Edition, Part 1)

  1. Lazarinth says:

    I personally know what it’s like to be ‘shrined-out’. After our fifth shrine in one day, I was all like, “So shrined right now.”

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