[Editorial]: My First Trip To Japan (Nagoya Edition, Part 2)

Next up we visited Nagoya Castle, which is unfortunately a replica as the original was destroyed by earthquakes and bombing during WWII. The outside was still very impressive however, while the inside has been made into a sort of museum.



I’ll throw in some pictures of Inuyama Castle (which -was- the real deal) for good measure.



I had a trek around Ama City while one of my supervising doctors was doing some work there so I could get a better idea of what residential Japan was like. Shrines are literally everywhere, as i’ve mentioned before, and the roads are incredibly narrow. Japanese-style houses seem to be the most common but neighbourhoods of Western-style houses popped up here and there. Single-story buildings were a rarity around the city, as space is very much at a premium in Japan.

I often saw fields (barren because of the time of year) in the middle of groups of houses and one of the things that interested me (though it doesn’t show up in the photos) is that the idea of grass fields in schools and around playgrounds doesn’t really exist, with most of those areas instead being covered in just dirt.


And finally, since I know you’ve all been waiting, shrines! These were just scattered in amongst the houses I passed. See if you can spot the shrine to Susanoo!


Next time? Shopping areas, arcades and whatever else i’ve missed so far!

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  1. Lazarinth says:

    That second last picture seemed out of place.

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