[Editorial]: My First Trip To Japan! (Nagoya Edition, Part 3)

While I was in Japan one of my supervisors told me there were three places I needed to go in Nagoya. I’ve already covered Nagoya Castle, so here’s Nagoya Port and then the shopping area Osu.

Nagoya Port ended up not having all that much to offer, though there were some interesting structures to be seen there. There was a large aquarium we could have visited but, as with many attractions in Japan, it had a long line of people waiting to get in.



Atsuta Temple was nearby so we went there as well. I was pretty excited to see what looked like shrine maidens, but they ended up just being gift store staff. A lot of the temples in Japan are well commercialized and I would be very interested to see how much money they rake in from donations and purchases of fortunes, because everyone seems to buy something at each visit.


Osu Kannon was a massive shopping area with ceilings over its streets. Food and clothes were everywhere and if you looked closely enough there were anime, manga and their associated merchandise as well. There was also a massive arcade with hordes of people bashing away at rhythm games or fighters, and everyone’s so good at what they’re doing that it’s almost embarrassing to showcase your own skill or lack thereof.



Finally I have a view from the Nagoya Ring Expressway, which winds around the main areas of Nagoya. It’s very high up and makes very large buildings look small until you manage to glimpse the view out over the side of the rails. Japanese cars have credit card scanners built in, so tolls are deducted automatically as you enter the Ring.


Next time, Kyoto! And then maybe a special on foods and merchandise.

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5 Responses to [Editorial]: My First Trip To Japan! (Nagoya Edition, Part 3)

  1. Lazarinth says:

    If you want to see real Shrine Maidens go to Tori Shrine (aka Shrine of a thousand gates) next time you go. That Shrine was legit.

  2. Karandi says:

    It looks like you’ve been having fun, even with the absence of shrine maidens. Looking forward to seeing what you get up to in Kyoto.

    • Silvachief says:

      My only regret is that I can’t post photos of the people that made the trip really amazing >.< The hospitality and kindness of the hospital I was staying at and the students from the associated university made the trip what it was. Heck, in Kyoto we were shown around by the daughter of one of the surgeons and her friend.

      I'll throw up the Kyoto post tomorrow for you!

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