[Anime Review]: Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari (Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar)


Directors: Masaki Kajishima & Koji Yoshikawa

Writer: Hideki Shirane

Animation Studios: AIC Spirits & BeSTACK

Version Watched: Subbed

Believe it or not this post marks the first time a reader has requested a review, and the first time anyone at all has requested an anime review. While I’ll have to start out with the disclaimer that I haven’t seen any of the previous entries in this series, Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari is a spin-off from its predecessors featuring a different cast so I don’t think that had any effect on my viewing experience. Arka Mondal, the reader I mentioned earlier, wanted to know whether the show was worth their time. The answer? Well…maybe, I guess.

Kenshi Masaki finds himself stuck in an alternate world, one with massive mech-like weapons known as Seikijin that have been unearthed from the ruins of an ancient civilization. His talent as a pilot (and as just about everything else…) marks him as one of the few males able to use the Seikijin at all, and he is immediately used by a mysterious organization to attempt an assassination on Princess Lashara Earth of the country of Shtrayu. The attempt fails with Kenshi being captured and thereby freed from the organization that had forced him into combat, leaving the boy free to follow Lashara to the Holy Land where Seikijin pilots, Seikishi, are trained. Kenshi’s former allies will not lay dormant however, and he may be instrumental to saving the world he has only just arrived in.


To get it out of the way: Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari is simply average. While it does offer some decent entertainment it fails to realize the potential of its concept or its characters over the equivalent of 26 normal-length episodes, so whether it would be worth your time or not is difficult to say. After having a great number of new ideas and individuals introduced in the first episode the series stagnates for an extended period of time, remaining in the same setting and repeating the same gags over and over again. Other than on that first mission, Kenshi never fails at anything ever and while that does allow for some laughs as each new character is dumbfounded by his talent it also means that every conflict in which he is involved has its outcome predetermined and that gets a little dull over time. Things do pick up later on, forming a mostly comprehensible narrative with some interesting plot developments and battles, but I wouldn’t say I was ever looking forward to watching any of the episodes.

While Isekai boasts some potentially interesting characters it is a classic harem in that they mostly sit on the sidelines doing nothing except supporting Kenshi as he wins every battle almost single-handedly. Those characters get very little valuable time in the spotlight after their initial introduction which is a real shame. Strangely enough, other characters with questionable importance to the narrative as a whole get much more development despite making me question why they had any screen time at all. Diabolus ex Machina developments aren’t shied away from either, with the antagonist literally transforming into what can only be described as a sludge monster at one point (with no previous precedent having been set), while other background information goes unexplored throughout the series (e.g. This world’s relation to the other world, a weird dark elf ability that is only ever used once etc.). It’s also worth noting that although the harem genre gets in the way of character development, that aspect isn’t very well done either with romance being entirely absent from the story.


The art style is mostly fine considering the age of the series, with particularly well animated Seikijin making some of the battles very entertaining (though, again, it would have been nice if someone other than Kenshi had played a real part in some of them). Though Isekai boasts an “ecchi” tag on MAL, there is very little fan service to speak of (probably even less than some mainstream titles) outside of the OP and ED, which could be a pro or a con depending on your priorities. The soundtrack didn’t do anything to wow me, and the quality of voice acting was par for the course.

Summary – Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari may have a handful of good scenes and concepts but it’s a bit of a disappointment overall. The series suffers from being a member of the harem genre – failing to adequately develop its potentially strong character personalities and wasting time on tedious repetitive humor. Plot holes, or perhaps oversights, abound with unexplained plot developments mingling with fully explored unimportant ones. Despite my complaints, however, it’s an average show rather than a bad one and if it sounds like your cup of tea then you should give it a shot. I won’t condemn Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari, but I won’t recommend it either.

Score: 6/10 – Average


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  1. Lazarinth says:

    I didn’t know you took reader requests. Oh-oh I think you would really like Your Name, so review that when you get a chance… but then you also haven’t done Patema Inverted or Gankustuou review yet either… tricky decision.

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