How The Reviews Work

Sharin no Kuni Houzuki

So I’ve decided that it may be helpful to explain how my reviews work. I’m a fairly straightforward person by nature, so you won’t be seeing me talking about themes and other such nonsense unless they are an important component of whatever i’m reviewing. When I write my reviews I want to tell you what something iswhy it is good or bad and whether you should watch it. I try my best to avoid anything that might be viewed as a spoiler and as such you will find that my plot summaries are more of a general description than anything else.

In all of my reviews I try to cover a number of features of a GSN (Games, Series or Novels!) which I would like to go into more detail about here. Now, while I do try to cover all of these factors when writing my reviews, the end score is based on my subjective enjoyment of the GSN rather than an objective measure of the GSN’s quality, and it is NOT an average of the sub-category scores I’ve awarded it.                                                                                ________________________________________________________________

Plot – When I think about plot I take a number of things into account. Of course there’s the story being told as you are experiencing the GSN, but I also consider the structure and background of the fictional world to be involved, which you might call the setting. Secondary to the story being told is the concept behind it all, which can in many cases be considered superior to the story itself.

Plot has more weight behind it than any other category.

 Characters – Just what it sounds like. You can have an amazing plot, but if the characters don’t connect with people it can bring the whole thing crashing down.

Audio/Visual – Again fairly obvious. I mostly won’t have much to comment on in this area, but if a title is particularly excellent (or terrible), or if it does something different I’ll be sure to let you know.

Gameplay – Self-explanatory, and only when applicable.                                                                        _______________________________________________________________

10 – Excellent – You have not lived until you have experienced anything given this score. The GSNs at this level are the best of the best and have no major flaws. They don’t have to be perfect, but any negative aspects are overshadowed by the overall magnificence of the experience they provide. It’s pretty hard to get a perfect score, so you can be assured that any GSN at this level is outstanding in one or more ways.

9 – Great – You NEED to give these a shot. The GSNs at this level are spitting distance from the big time, with only a few issues holding them back. Despite any imperfections, you probably won’t forget the experience they provide. And I mean that in a good way.

8 – Good – You should probably play/watch these if you’re a person that likes fun. The GSNs at this level were really entertaining, though they’re a few steps short of perfection. Even major flaws may not hold an experience back from reaching this level as long as the overall package made me happy (or perhaps sad – that happens sometimes). You will not regret giving these a go.

7 – Enjoyable – This is the level for GSNs that I would happily experience again, but aren’t necessarily what I would recommend to others. While I personally enjoyed these GSNs, I’m not quite able to describe them as “good” and I recognize that others may not feel the same way I do.

5-6 – Average – If you’ve read the synopsis and it sounds like your thing, you may enjoy the GSNs at this level. I didn’t really like them, but I acknowledge that somebody probably will. Stories with no major flaws, other than lacking excitement, will often find their way here.

2-4 – Bad – I sincerely doubt that anyone could ever like anything at this level. Unless you have a major crush on whatever series or developer spawned these GSNs, you will regret picking them up.

1 – Abysmal – Wow. It’s hard to be assigned to this level. EVERYTHING about this GSN is terrible and should be forgotten for the rest of time. These are so bad that I would not even wish the misfortune of exposure to them on my worst enemies.


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