Angel Beats Group Photo Anime

Ace Railgun (Anime and Gaming)

Anime Cataclysm (Anime and more Anime!)

Annalyn’s Thoughts (Anime and Fiction)

Chromatic Aberration Everywhere (Anime and other Japan-related stuff)

Curry Curry Chronicles (Gaming and Visual Novels)

Deluscar (Anime, Figurines, Gaming, Visual Novels)

Fantastic Memes (Anime and The Meaning Of Life)

Fantasy & Anime (Anime, Novels, VNs – Pretty much anything with a story)

Moar Powah! (Multiple writers covering everything Geeky)

Moonlitasteria (Anime and Video Games)

Sleeping Geeks (Anime, Manga and other Geeky goodness)

Sometimes Clever (Anime, Video Games and Visual Novels)

Tsukiyo no Hikari (Japanese Music)

Visual Novel Aer (All the VN news you could ever want!)


13 Responses to Blogroll

  1. joshspeagle says:

    Hey Silvachief, sorry it took so long, but I finally added you to my blogroll. Keep up the good work and the great posts!

  2. froggykun says:

    Added you to my blogroll, my friend 😉

  3. 123 says:

    I’ve put you on my blogroll. Looking forward to more of your posts!

  4. Desperado316 says:

    Added you to my Blogroll Dude! Been meaning to for a few days now but got busy with life… Never too late though…

  5. gyaincross12 says:

    Hey! I’m making a blogroll, would you like to trade links? ( ) Would also love to here your feedback on my blog! 🙂 – Thank You Very Much.

    • Silvachief says:

      Hey there! I’m always happy to see someone new entering the blogging world. I’ve followed you for the moment to see how things go for you in the next few weeks, and if I like what I see i’ll add you to the roster!
      Since you’re just starting out your homepage looks a little blank >.< That'll fix itself with time and more posts, but for the moment you might want to grab yourself a background or more colorful theme. I like your writing so far though; it's just a matter of seeing more of it 😉

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