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[Editorial]: On Reviewing – A Primer

  [Warning – Wall Of Text Incoming] I’ve been doing some thinking lately about what writing reviews is all about, so today I want to talk about what goes into my own writing as well as what I think makes … Continue reading

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[Editorial]: My Gaming Nostalgia (Man Crates Edition)

So on New Year’s Eve I received an email from a representative of Man Crates, a company that ships out honest-to-goodness wooden crates (or ammo boxes!) of fantastic goodies masculine entertainment goods that you actually have to pry open once … Continue reading

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Creative Blogger Award – Facts About Me (Medical Theme)

This is Award X, I have received it from Blogger Y, and must do Task Z. In all seriousness, though, a big Thank You to Lazarinth over at Fantasy and Anime for the nomination for the Creative Blogger Award! No … Continue reading

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The Geek Clinic Is Two Years Old! & Winter Hiatus (Back 16/07)

I’ve missed the actual date by about a month, but The Geek Clinic is now two years old! This year we managed to completely smash all of our records for visitors and page views, so i’d like to give a … Continue reading

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Sunshine Blog Award – Yet MORE Questions From Another Blogger

Looks like it’s that time of year again, when various colorfully-named awards sprout up around the blogosphere. Nobody has any idea where they’ve come from, but we humor them anyway! This time around The Geek Clinic has been nominated for … Continue reading

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Liebster Awards / Questions From Other Bloggers Mk. 2 (+Facts About Me)

It’s that time of year again! This time around i’ve been nominated by Fabledhunter over at Anime Ataraxia, which I am very grateful for! The rules have changed just a teeny bit, so i’ll include them at the bottom. 1. … Continue reading

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The Inspector Green Tag Questionnaire

Well, it’s that time of year again. I’ve been tagged by blogger Kai over at Deluscar to take The Inspector Green Tag Questionnaire along with Overlord-G at The Yuri Nation and Lazarinth at Fantasy & Anime. I don’t know where … Continue reading

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