[Video Game Music Spotlight]: Persona 3 – Memories of You (Kimi no Kioku)

I think any good review of Persona 3 has to say something about its music. If nothing else, the soundtrack is catchy and great to listen to. Memories of You is the ending song for the game, though parts of it are playing in the opening sequence as well.

The full song:

The OP:


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7 Responses to [Video Game Music Spotlight]: Persona 3 – Memories of You (Kimi no Kioku)

  1. lifesongsoa says:

    Persona 3’s ending is probably my favorite RPG ending of all time. Memories of the school has always been my favorite track. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1g9jbJT25TU I think it might be time for me to listen to this OST again.

  2. P3 Fes opening just too awesome. Never could skip through the opening without listening to it. Although, for me, it always the combat tracks that get me. Really took a liking to Wiping All Out from P3P and of course, Unavoidable Battle.

  3. sonatano1 says:

    I love pretty much all of Shoji Meguro’s work. I don’t know if he did Memories of You, but I know he worked on most of the music for Persona 3/4, Nocturne, DDS and a bunch of other SMT games. Great stuff.

    • Silvachief says:

      I can confirm that it was composed by Shoji Meguro =) I have to admit that I don’t usually pay attention to the composers of songs that I like, though I perhaps I should start putting more effort into it.

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